90s website design embodied: the new Captain Marvel [VIDEO]

Over the last 25 years or so, the face of the web has changed dramatically.

Gone are the days of Geocities LED visitor counters, random flames burning through even more random implied page breaks, and good ol’ fashioned guest book signings.

But there are a few survivors of this era, and even some sites that intentionally go for the throw-back look of class ’90s website design.

LINGsCARS embodies this style – busy, frantic, colorful, whimsical — an almost cartoon-like quality.

The thing to remember about sites like these is that this was the standard for 90s website design.

It’s time to add another one to the list: the new Captain Marvel site.

90s Website Design
The embodiment of 90s web design is apparent the second you log on to the new Captain Marvel website.

This thing is a total wreck that pays homage to this fascinating time in web history. But as web developers, can we learn anything from these slabs of internet mystery meat?

Or should the 90s way of doing things simply stay nostalgic for us?

And why does the web look so different nowadays?

Well, there are actually a few playing factors: firstly, the web was still emerging and graphic designers were still largely in the “analog” world: magazines, newspapers, designing graphics for TV shows, etc. It would be a few years until more and more designers started having influence on this up-and-coming medium called the web, along with learning CSS and HTML so they could contribute directly to the direction of what webpages looked like.

There are more factors that influenced the direction of web design that we’ll talk about in today’s video. Let’s investigate this flaring dumpster fire of a website today for some answers:

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