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AlgoExpert Just Got WAY Better (Yes, really!) – AlgoExpert Review (plus promo code)

I decided to write an AlgoExpert review after falling head over heels for the platform. With over 100,000 users and growing, it’s helped countless programmers ace their FAANG interviews.

From the data structures crash course to the 4-pane integrated workspace, no detail was spared when AlgoExpert was created.

Today we’re going to check out the platform and what it has to offer.

We’ll also look briefly at SystemsExpert, the course created to help you ace the systems design interview.

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🚨 Note: AlgoExpert is not for beginners. This platform is geared towards programmers who are preparing to interview at FAANG-level companies.

So what is AlgoExpert?

AlgoExpert: Ace the Technical Interviews is a FAANG-level coding interview prep course.

The course includes:

✅ 160+ coding questions asked at real-world interviews

✅ 100+ hours of video solution walkthroughs and explanations

✅ space-time complexity analyses (Big O notation)

✅ a data structures crash course

✅ solutions in 9 languages (JavaScript, Python, Java, Swift, Go, C++, C#, TypeScript, Kotlin)

✅ an advanced code execution environment

✅ interview tips

And a certificate of completion.

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NEW at AlgoExpert

As of July 2020, the AlgoExpert platform contains 2 brand new sections:

1️⃣ Coding Interview Assessments

These 4 practice assessments mimic a typical day at a coding interview. And to simulate an actual coding interview, you should:

✅ spend 4 hours answering 2 questions

✅ take a 1-hour break

✅ spend 4 hours answering 2 questions

This is a challenging portion of AlgoExpert, and they recommend completing the AlgoExpert questions first.

2️⃣ Behavioral Interview Prep

Here is a set of 15 videos separated into two parts:

✅ 3 videos provide advice for behavioral interviews

✅ 12 videos provide theoretical answers to behavioral interview questions

Who created AlgoExpert?

AlgoExpert was co-founded by Clément Mihailescu (ex-Google, ex-Facebook) and Antoine Pourchet (ex-Uber).

clément mihailescu headshot co-founder of algoexpert
Clément Mihailescu

Clément was frustrated with the lack of technical interview training materials. Not wanting others to experience the same frustration, he decided to create a platform. One that would help programmers properly prepare for their FAANG-level interview.

Antoine Pourchet

Long-time friend Antoine’s experience with scalability and backend infrastructure was a match. So they joined forces.

Thus, AlgoExpert was born.

💡Did you know? Clément used AlgoExpert to prepare for his Facebook interview — and passed!

Data Structures Crash Course

If you need a refresher on data structures, AlgoExpert has you covered. This crash course is helpful because you’ll be using these concepts throughout AlgoExpert and at the technical coding interview.

Arrays in AlgoExpert’s Data Structures Crash Course

AlgoExpert’s Data Structures Crash Course covers everything from complexity analysis to Big O notation, arrays to hash tables, and graphs to trees.

Each of the 13 lessons has a brief text description and a video explanation with examples.

Once you complete this, you’ll be ready to dive into…

AlgoExpert coding questions

With 160+ coding questions asked at real-world interviews, AlgoExpert covers common data structures and popular problem-solving methods.

Questions range in difficulty:

✅ Easy

✅ Medium

✅ Hard

✅ Very Hard

✅ Extremely Hard

You can group coding questions based on category, difficulty, or random.

Question categories include:

ArraysBinary Trees
Dynamic ProgrammingBinary Search Trees
Famous AlgorithmsGraphs
HeapsLinked Lists

And with each category, you’ll work within a 4-pane integrated workspace.

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4-pane integrated workspace

This workspace is awesome. And highly customizable.

4-pane integrated workspace on AlgoExpert

Each pane is adjustable in height and width.

You can choose:

✅ quad or tri pane layout

✅ programming language

✅ font size

✅ editors Sublime, Emacs or Vim

✅ light or dark mode

✅ syntax highlighting

✅ whiteboard mode

And that’s just for starters.

Whiteboard mode on AlgoExpert

You can toggle between the prompt, scratchpad, solutions, and video walkthroughs all on the same page.

With each prompt, you’re given:

✅ coding challenge instructions

✅ sample input & output

✅ hints

✅ optimal space & time complexity

And from there, you can take steps to…

Solve the Problem

After writing out your solutions (up to 3), you can submit your raw code.

AlgoExpert also provides a series of test cases you can run your code against. Adding to the user experience, these test cases are hidden but visible with one click.

Example of test cases in AlgoExpert coding challenge

Got it right? Great! Then you can move onto the next question.

Maybe you thought you solved the algorithm but one or more test cases failed.

bubble sort failed test case coding error message
Test case runtime error in AlgoExpert

That’s where the video solutions come in handy.

Video Solutions

Each video is separated into two parts:

i. Conceptual Overview

Get an in-depth look at how to approach, implement, and optimize the algorithm at hand. From there you’ll analyze its space-time complexity.

ii. Code Walkthrough

The code walkthrough shows actual algorithm code implementation from start to finish.

With these lengthy video explanations, you’re more likely to understand the fundamentals of the problem. And how to effectively reach a solution.

Then you can move on to the next question with confidence.

📝 NOTE: All video code solution walkthroughs are done in Python because it’s an easier programming language to read.

Interview Tips

A neat addition to AlgoExpert is the nearly 2 hours of video covering interview tips.

Topics include:

✅ how to best use AlgoExpert

✅ coding skills

✅ problem solving ability

✅ communication

✅ culture fit

💰 Cost

You can buy the AlgoExpert course for $99 annually.

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Read on to learn more about the SystemsExpert course.

What is SystemsExpert?

This AlgoExpert review also covers the newest addition to the AlgoExpert platform: the SystemsExpert: Ace the Systems Design Interview video and interactive course.

With systems design, you need to define:

  • interfaces
  • modules
  • architecture
  • components

And data.

But when interviewing with a FAANG, they’ll want you to create a system design that’s scalable, reliable, and maintainable.

Interviewers will expect you to be knowledgeable in:

  • distributed computing
  • systems architecture
  • information storage
  • reliability engineering
diagram of how forward and reverse proxies work
Forward and reverse proxies on SystemsExpert

And much more.

With 25 organized modules, SystemsExpert delivers guided, comprehensive teaching intended to help you ace the systems design portion of the interview.

With over twenty-five hours of content in 35 videos, it covers:

✅ client-server models

✅ network protocols

✅ caching

✅ proxies

✅ load balancers

✅ logging and monitoring

And much more.

💰 Cost: SystemsExpert costs $99 annually.

📰 Want to know more? Check out our full SystemsExpert: Ace the Systems Design Interview course review here.

🤑 Is there an AlgoExpert promo code?

Yes, there is an AlgoExpert promo code! No AlgoExpert review would be complete without an AlgoExpert promo code.

You can save 10% instantly. Just use the code realtoughcandy at checkout. This AlgoExpert promo code is valid for AlgoExpert and SystemsExpert.

AlgoExpert review summary

From its 160+ coding questions to 100+ hours of video, 4-pane integrated workspace to data structures crash course… From space and time complexity to interview tips, AlgoExpert has it all.

With consistent relevant updates and additions, you’ll be getting some of the best information available. And you’ll be able to prepare for your FAANG interview with confidence.

Plus with an AlgoExpert promo code for 10% off, it’s worth the investment.

What’s your AlgoExpert review?

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