Attention all aspiring authors! I have a proposal for you…

Today I’m thrilled to announce the launch of the RealToughBooks program.

This program was developed after I met numerous writers in the tech field who had dreams of “someday” publishing their book, but just never got around to it.

I’ve also met other writers who’ve been declined by publishers like Packt and O’Reilly for whatever reason (or walked away when they discovered how low the author royalty rates are).

So after publishing three books (including an Amazon #1 New Release), I’ve decided to open up the publishing arm of my business to other writers who have a way with words.

My second book reached #1 New Release status on Amazon and continues to perform well.

No time for the time-sucking admin tasks? Overwhelmed with the self-publishing process or anxious that nobody will take notice of your book? No worries:

The RealToughBooks program makes it easy to publish your work. The advertising system is built-in so thousands of eyes and minds are exposed to your work…People who care.

Even better, there’s no upfront cost to take advantage of this program.

Benefits of the RealToughBooks program:

  • All red tape, setup, and legal considerations are taken care of (you don’t have to worry about the fine print)
  • Proofreading and editing are included
  • Formatting to make your book both paperback, PDF, and Kindle ready is included – you just send in your manuscript
  • You get a generous royalty payout 
  • There’s a built-in advertising system via YouTube and Twitter

Questions You Probably Have:

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What genres are you accepting?

Since my advertising channels are based on tech and business, tech and business topics take priority. I’m open to other genres, however.

How much does it cost?

There is no upfront cost with this program. You split your revenue with RealToughBooks 50/50 (compare this to a 7% (!) royalty rate for paperbacks you’d receive with most other publishers and 25% or less for earnings on ebooks). You are paid monthly via PayPal.

RealToughBooks is responsible for hosting the books and paying Amazon when one of your books sells on that platform, another huge benefit to you as a partner.

Where do you publish my book?

Your book will be published on Amazon (as an eBook and paperback) and (as a downloadable PDF).

What is the pricing of my book?

Most ebooks will sell for $9.99. Paperbacks will generally sell between $14.99 and $19.99.

How will my book be advertised?

With the RealToughBooks program, you don’t have to worry about expensive pay-per-click campaigns or Facebook ads that don’t work. I advertise the books on my YouTube videos and via Twitter posts. This ensures that thousands of real people who care about your topic are being exposed to your books.

Do I have to submit my own cover designs, blurbs, and other cover stuff?

Yes. Your design also needs to fit the specs for both Kindle and paperback. My team and I can help you design an attractive cover and anything else you need (social proof, book summary, etc.) for an additional upfront fee.

Do I sign a contract with you?

Yes. Don’t worry, it’s mostly painless. You basically agree to partner with RealToughBooks for six months and after that you are free to re-sign or part ways.

Can I publish my book elsewhere while I’m partnered with RealToughBooks?

No. Earnings become too slim when the book is offered by other publishers.

Can I advertise on my own while a partner with RealToughBooks?


I have some more questions!

Great! Contact me today and I will be happy to answer them. Looking forward to working with you! -Candy

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