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Grokking the System Design Interview COURSE REVIEW

Developed by hiring managers who’ve been working at Google, Facebook, Amazon and Microsoft, Grokking the System Design Interview is a short, concise course designed to help you land a job at a top tech company.

RTC books sailing away

Thank you for your interest in my book How to Get a Job in Web Development! Along with Freelance Newbie and Tiny YouTube… I’m no longer selling PDF versions of this release. However, they are always in stock at Amazon as a Kindle ebook or paperback. 🙂 They are also the the Google Play store. …

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is jquery dead in 2020

Is jQuery dead in 2020?

jQuery, once the king of frontend JavaScript libraries, isn’t nearly as popular as it once was. But is its decline in popularity due to superficial “cosmetic issues” or have developers moved on to truly bigger and better technologies? In other words: is jQuery dead? Search around the web, and there is no shortage of blogs …

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