Top 27 Best Udemy Alternatives for Software Developers

TLDR: Top 27 Best Udemy Alternatives for Software Developers

🤔 With so many Udemy Alternatives, where do you start?

🦇 Whether it’s the layout, accessibility, learning style or some quirk that drives you batty, Udemy isn’t for everyone.

🍀 Luckily, there are plenty of courses, coding bootcamps and books covering everything from JavaScript for beginners to interview preparation for FAANG-level jobs.

🤩 Today we’re looking at 27 Udemy alternatives.

Use the table of contents to jump to a platform.

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Newbie Friendly ✅Video-Based ✅Free Trial ❌Free Courses ❌ won’t teach you how to code. But this is still one of our favorite Udemy alternatives.


Instead, by teaching processes, you’ll learn the practical application of developer skills. Students will gain a valuable problem-solving tool set rather than a code-along experience. helps developers overcome hurdles typically found in the early stages of their career.

There are currently 5 video-based courses on

And there are more courses to come.

student learning environment for course about professional communication with code and two women talking
Professional Communication for Junior Developers video course on

In addition, students will have access to royalty-free music, photos and videos.

Also, unlike Udemy, there’s an upgrade option for a 90-minute 1-on-1 portfolio review with instructor RTC.

👍 You can sign up for here.


Newbie Friendly ✅Video-Based ✅Free Trial ❌Free Courses ✅

With their robust interactive coding playgrounds, illustrations, quizzes, challenges and lessons, consistently produces high quality and engaging content.

There are plenty of opportunities for software developers to grow their skills. And with over 130 courses on, this is one of our favorite Udemy alternatives.

Typical student environment in Educative

There’s also a handful of free courses, including Building Tesla’s Battery Range Calculator with React & Redux.

👍 You can sign up for here.

3. Zero to Mastery

Newbie Friendly ✅Video-Based ✅Free Trial ❌Free Courses ❌

Zero to Mastery (ZTM) is a platform created by senior developer Andrei Neagoie. The video-based courses are intended for newbie software developers to master programming skills.

As a result, these courses cover everything from mastering Python, JavaScript and React, to mastering coding interviews.

You’ll also learn complete web development, machine learning, and more on Zero to Mastery.

Typical Zero to Mastery student environment

And with levels from beginner to intermediate to advanced, there’s something for every software developer. Because of this, Zero to Mastery is another of our preferred Udemy alternatives.

👍 You can sign up for Zero to Mastery here.

4. Web Dev Simplified

Newbie Friendly ✅Video-Based ✅Free Trial ❌Free Courses ❌

Web Dev Simplified holds true to its name. Because there are just two courses on the platform: Learn React Today: React Simplified and Learn CSS Today: CSS Simplified.

And with simplified explanations, you’ll be able to understand what the code you’re learning does.

code and image of calculator from WebDevSimplified exercise
Typical learning environment on Web Dev Simplified, a solid alternative to Udemy.

Courses on Web Dev Simplified are intended for people who already have a general understanding of React and CSS.

👍 You can sign up for Web Dev Simplified here.

5. AlgoExpert

Newbie Friendly ❌Video-Based ✅Free Trial ❌Free Courses ❌

Clément Mihailescu’s platform AlgoExpert has two video-based courses: AlgoExpert: Ace the Coding Interview and SystemsExpert: Ace the Technical Interviews.

With 150+ hand-picked questions used at real FAANG interviews, you’ll receive some of the industry’s best interview prep material.

algoexpert sample problem max profit with k transactions
Coding environment on AlgoExpert, one of our favorite Udemy alternatives.

Also, the questions are available in 9 programming languages, which is perfect for software developers.

The code-execution environment is highly customizable with 4 adjustable panes, syntax highlighting, and more.

Also, AlgoExpert now has coding interview assessments and behavioral interview prep.

For people looking to ace their FAANG-level interviews, AlgoExpert is one of the best Udemy alternatives on the market.

👍 Bonus: Use this link for 10% off AlgoExpert.


Newbie Friendly ❌Video Based ✅Free Trial ❌Free Courses ❌ hosts 6 courses related to React, Redux and JavaScript. These are living courses, meaning they are guaranteed to be up-to-date with current technology.

Student interface on

The platform is geared towards mid-level software developers looking to level up their skills.

👍 You can sign up for here.

7. Treehouse

Newbie Friendly ✅Video-Based ✅Free Trial ✅Free Courses ❌

Treehouse is somewhat on par with Udemy:

With guided learning paths, interactive quizzes and coding challenges, Treehouse is geared towards beginners with little to no programming experience.

By building multiple projects within the courses, you’ll be able to apply what you’ve learned.

👍 You can sign up for Treehouse here.

8. Pluralsight

Newbie Friendly ✅Video-Based ✅Free Trial ✅Free Courses ❌

With courses geared towards software developers, Pluralsight offers monthly and annual access to their entire platform.

Whether you’re a beginner learning Python fundamentals or want to learn intermediate Ruby concepts, this platform has focused courses for most software developers.

student coding layout for Pluralsight TypeScript courses
Typical student layout on Pluralsight, an alternative to Udemy.

Pluralsight also has a skill assessment tool to pinpoint where you’re proficient, and what areas need improvement.

👍 You can sign up for Pluralsight here.

9. NodeSchool

Newbie Friendly ✅Video-Based ❌Free Trial N/AFree Courses ✅

NodeSchool features open source workshops that teach various skills to software developers such as JavaScript, Git, Markdown and more.

There are two learning options: self-guided teaching, and attending a local NodeSchool workshop in your area.

GitHub repository for JavaScript workshopper on NodeSchool, one of our Udemy alternatives.

With a simple installation of Node.js and a code editor of your choice, you’ll be on your way to upping your coding game.

👍 You can check out NodeSchool here.

10. A Byte of Python

Newbie Friendly ✅Video-Based ❌Free Trial N/AFree Book ✅

A Byte of Python is a book about programming using Python. Used at various universities across the world, it serves as a tutorial for first-time Python users.

👍 You can download the A Byte of Python e-book for free or buy a paperback copy here.

11. CheckiO

Newbie Friendly ✅Video-Based ❌Free Trial ✅Free Courses ❌

Want to play games while learning code?

Whether you’re a beginner looking to test your understanding of code, or an advanced coder brushing up on your skills, CheckiO has you covered.

Using either Python or TypeScript, you’ll solve a series of coding problems that increase in difficulty.

Sample coding question from CheckiO, an alternative platform to Udemy.

About half of the challenges are free, and you can upgrade for complete access.

👍 You can access CheckiO here.

12. JavaScript 30

Newbie Friendly ✅Video-Based ✅Free Trial N/AFree ✅

JavaScript30 is a 30-day vanilla JavaScript coding challenge. You build 30 projects in 30 days using 30 tutorials.

Plus, there are no frameworks, compilers, libraries or boilerplate.

👍 You can check out JavaScript 30 here.


Newbie Friendly ✅Video-Based ✅Free Trial ❌Free Courses ✅

With over 20 courses, you’ll learn how to build real fullstack apps from scratch using the latest frameworks.

Whether you want to learn the fundamentals of JavaScript, or need to build and deploy digital applications with Docker, you’ll learn it all on

👍 You can check out here.


Newbie Friendly ✅Video-Based ✅Free Trial N/AFree Courses ✅

Learn Python is a free interactive tutorial. You’ll learn Python basic and advanced concepts and data science.

Udemy alternative: Example of tutorial on

And because there are so many coding playgrounds, it’s a great way for software developers to practice different concepts.

👍 You can check out here.

15. App Academy Open

Newbie Friendly ✅Video-Based ✅Free Trial ✅Free Courses ✅

App Academy Open is the online version of their in-person bootcamp.

Example of student workstation on App Academy Open, a Udemy alternative.

Intended to teach fullstack web development, you’ll learn everything from SQL to Ruby to MERN stack with App Academy Open.

In addition, the bootcamp covers data structures and algorithms with hundreds of hours of video.

Did you know? App Academy’s in-person bootcamp has an acceptance rate of under 5%. So you have the opportunity for an exclusive education with online enrollment.

👍 You can check out App Academy Open here.

16. RubyMonk

Newbie Friendly ✅Video-Based ❌Free Trial N/AFree Courses ✅

RubyMonk is a completely free 4-course path to learning all things Ruby. You start with a Ruby primer and work your way up to metaprogramming with eval, object lifecycle hooks and beyond.

Watercolor on RubyMonk, a Udemy alternative.

The brief, informative lessons are accompanied by beautiful watercolor illustrations.

In addition, inspirational quotes are ample within the interactive code editors. So for this reason, it’s one of our favorite Udemy alternatives.

As a result, it’s great for software programmers who need a change of scenery while practicing their code.

👍 You can check out RubyMonk here.

17. Git Immersion

Newbie Friendly ✅Video-Based ❌Free Trial N/AFree Courses ✅

With Git Immersion, you’ll learn the fundamentals of Git through a guided tour. And with over 50 labs, you’ll learn basic and intermediate concepts.

Plus, Git Immersion’s clean interface creates a user-friendly experience ideal for beginners.

👍 You can check out Git Immersion here.

18. Scrimba

Newbie Friendly ✅Video-Based ✅Free Trial ❌Free Courses ✅

You can learn to code by using interactive tutorials with Scrimba.

Courses range from newbie to advanced. Scrimba covers everything from HTML to React, Bootstrap to algorithms, and learning Alpine to building apps with GraphQL.

Typical Scrimba coding environment, one of our picks for an alternate to Udemy.

And with such a variety of topics covered, this is one of the better Udemy alternatives out there.

👍 You can check out Scrimba here.

19. Net Ninja

Newbie Friendly ✅Video-Based ✅Free Trial N/AFree Courses ✅

The Net Ninja YouTube channel tackles everything from web development basics to advanced concepts. These multi-video tutorials are often project-based so you can follow along.

👍 You can check out Net Ninja here.

20. Traversy Media

Newbie Friendly ✅Video-Based ✅Free Trial N/AFree Courses ✅

If you don’t already know about Traversy Media, you should. With hundreds of software development crash courses, Brad Traversy is the king of developers on YouTube.

Traversy’s videos are well-produced, and he has a knack for explaining code to aspiring software developers with a no-nonsense approach.

Udemy alternative: Just some of what you’ll learn on Traversy Media

As a newbie looking for the best Udemy alternatives, we recommend you start here.

👍 You can check out Traversy Media here.


Newbie Friendly ✅Video-Based ✅Free Trial N/AFree Courses ✅

Want to learn WordPress? With, you’ll gain valuable insight into all things WordPress.

By gaining access to WordCamps (WordPress community events) around the world, you’ll chat with other software developers. This community offers exclusive networking, behind-the-scenes WordPress tips, and valuable presentations.

Bonus: Some videos are presented in Spanish.

👍 You can check out here.


Newbie Friendly ✅Video-Based ✅Free Trial N/AFree Courses ❌

Learn JavaScript Online covers the fundamentals of JavaScript. It’s intended for beginner software developers with some previous coding experience.

Example of coding environment on Learn JavaScript, a Udemy alternative.

You’ll learn the best coding practices on a step-by-step basis using lessons, challenges, projects and flash cards. In addition, you’ll create real-world projects.

The courses on Learn JavaScript aren’t free. But you can access a few beginner lessons within a course at no cost.

👍 You can check out here.

23. Academind

Newbie Friendly ✅Video-Based ✅Free Trial ❌Free Courses ❌

Academind has over 30 courses available in a variety of subjects for software developers.

Whether you want to learn the basics or tricky parts of JavaScript, build cross-platform applications, or learn MERN, Academind has it all.

Also, with hundreds of tutorials and resources, you’ll learn about different aspects of programming languages.

Because of the quality of the courses offered, Academind is one of the better Udemy alternatives.

👍 You can check out Academind here.

24. FrontEnd Masters

Newbie Friendly ✅Video-Based ✅Free Trial ❌Free Courses ❌

Whether you’re a newbie or a software developer ready to expand on your advanced knowledge of programming, FrontEnd Masters has something for everyone.

What you can expect with the FrontEnd Masters learning environment, an alternative to Udemy.

You can take individual courses or use various learning paths to learn specific programming languages or become a software developer.

If you want to learn fullstack development, computer science or coding design, FrontEnd Masters has paths for that, too.

Bonus: FrontEnd Masters has a free coding bootcamp.

👍 You can check out FrontEnd Masters here.


Newbie Friendly ❌Video-Based ✅Free Trial ❌Free Courses ✅ contains a series of short instructional video tutorials for web developers. You can learn about frameworks, libraries, languages, tools and platforms.

👍 You can check out here.

26. Udacity

Newbie Friendly ✅Video-Based ✅Free Trial ✅Free Courses ✅

Partnered with Google, Udacity offers courses for software developers. Whether your focus is frontend, backend or fullstack, there’s something for everyone.

Udacity offers courses in:

  • data science
  • artificial intelligence
  • programming
  • autonomous systems
  • cloud computing
  • business

And more.

Because it offers real-world job-focused projects and personalized code reviews, Udacity is one of the best Udemy alternatives.

👍 You can check out Udacity here.

27. OnClick Academy

Newbie Friendly ✅Video-Based ✅Free Trial ❌Free Courses ✅

OnClick Academy offers a thorough education with over 50 video courses, bootcamps, quizzes, coding exercises and course projects.

Student desktop on OnClick Academy, an alternative to Udemy.

In addition, you’ll get access to their job board and blog.

👍 You can check out OnClick Academy here.

Udemy Alternatives: Conclusion

With so much information available, it’s hard finding the best Udemy alternatives.

So we put together this list to help set software developers on a path to success while gaining a quality education.

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  1. What are some of the best Udemy alternatives for software developers?

    Some of the best Udemy alternatives include: 1. – This new platform has 5 courses aimed at helping junior developers level up, land a job and get a raise. Courses teach devs how to effectively implement the skills they’ve learned. In addition, students will have access to royalty-free music, photos and videos.
    Plus there’s an upgrade option for a 90-minute 1-on-1 portfolio review with instructor RTC. 2. Educative – A platform with over 130 courses for software developers in various stages of learning. Courses range from beginner to advanced. And there are free courses available. 3. Zero to Mastery by Andrei Neagoie – This platform currently has 9 courses. The idea is that you can start knowing nothing and the courses will teach you to the point of mastering concepts. 4. Web Dev Simplified – There are currently two courses available. One teaches you React, the other CSS. 5. AlgoExpert – Clément Mihailescu created this platform for software developers preparing to start interviewing with FAANG-level companies. With two courses, you’ll work on 150+ coding questions asked at real interviews.

  2. Why should I look for Udemy alternatives?

    People want Udemy alternatives for a variety of reasons: 1. There’s too much choice. With over 150,000 (that’s one hundred fifty THOUSAND) Udemy courses, how the heck can you know where to start? This is especially difficult for beginners when there’s no direction. 2. Varying production values make it difficult to focus on learning. While one course on may have been produced in a controlled environment, the next may have the speaker drowned out by the lawnmower outside. 3. Maybe you just don’t like the platform. Whether it’s the layout, accessibility, learning style or some quirk that drives you batty, Udemy isn’t for everyone. 4. Rarely do coders find one platform. And there’s nothing wrong with that. Learning from multiple resources is a common practice.

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    Very cool list here. There were a few I didnt know anything about which I will check out. I will def be sharing this with newbies and seasoned devs.

    To your point I think that there are almost too many choices…it is awesome to have options…once you pick a few options that fits your goals, it is best to stay with them until you complete them 🙂

    1. candyscript

      Oh no doubt! There’s an absolute avalanche of resources catering to new devs. I made the mistake of platform jumping and it did nothing to further my career, even though it *felt* like I was making progress (or at least leaving a platform behind for a better one).

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