Web developer. Instructor. Author. Musician. Clothing Designer.

I’m known as RealToughCandy (or RTC) online. 

As a web developer and instructor, my goal is to help people cross the finish line in tech.

I’m a self-taught developer who worked in enterprise web development before starting my own company. By my first year in, I received an offer from a large Bay Area tech company you’ve probably heard of. But my long-term goals have always centered on owning my own business and doing things my way…So, here I am.

Whether you’re an absolute beginner or have years of experience, my style of teaching is designed to be inclusive, real-world, to-the-point and even a little bit of fun.

I’m also the founder of, a portal for the best (and some of the worst) Udemy courses for web developers.

Come follow me on YouTube where we explore and discuss all things web and software development!