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Is Codecademy Pro Worth It in 2023? [Codecademy Pro Review]

Today we’re looking Codecademy Pro.

Is Codecademy Pro worth your time and money?

In today’s review, you’ll discover courses, features, pricing and more.

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TLDR: Codecademy Pro Review

🖥️ When you upgrade to Codecademy Pro you’ll have access to their complete catalog.

🔧 In addition to courses courses, this includes skill paths, career paths and portfolio-ready projects.

👉 Sign up for Codecademy Pro here. 👈

Codecademy offers a free tier that shows you the basics of coding.

However, if you want to learn more complex concepts, Codecademy Pro is the way to go.

With over 70 in-depth courses, there’s something for just about every software developer.

Check out our full video review of Codecademy Pro:

For about $20 a month with a yearly subscription, you’ll get access to the entire platform.

Let’s take a look at some features of Codecademy Pro.


One of the first things I noticed about Codecademy Pro is the diverse course offerings. This includes courses on programming languages, computer science fundamentals, version control (Git), and more.

Codecademy Pro offers:

✳️ Courses in 14 programming languages. This includes HTML, CSS, JavaScript and Python. Also, there are more challenging programming languages like R for statistical computing and Go for data science.

The Career Paths in Codecademy Pro
are just like mini bootcamps.

✳️ Interactive Lessons. While learning new concepts, you’ll learn by doing. After reading about a concept, you’ll immediately apply what you’ve learned by using the interactive code editor.

✳️ Projects. In each lesson, you’ll build a small project with the concept you’ve just learned.

✳️ Quizzes. Challenge your knowledge while reinforcing vital concepts.

✳️ Career Paths. Think of these Career Paths as mini bootcamps. You can choose from Code Foundations, Web Development, Data Science and Computer Science.

✳️ Skill Paths. These will provide you a short roadmap to help you master new skills using different programming languages.

✳️ Challenge Projects. You can practice your coding skills with dozens of fun, real-world projects. Challenge Projects are separate from the courses.

✳️ Learn from Home. Having a community of other developers at your fingertips is just as important as the courses. In addition, you can build your network and brush up on your skills with other students.


  • Courses in 14 programming languages
  • Interactive lessons
  • Projects w/video walkthroughs
  • Quizzes
  • Career Paths
  • Skill Paths
  • Learn from Home resources


  • No video courses
  • Minimal interview prep (Python only)

💡Did you know? Codecademy Pro has had over 45 million students since 2011. And some of those students work at places like Facebook, Huge, IBM, Google and Bloomberg.


Codecademy does have a lot of feature-rich courses to get you started on your programming journey.

But access to the platform with the free tier is limited. The courses available can help you start learning to code, but won’t provide a full education.

For example, Codecademy only has 26 courses. And Codecademy Pro currently has 66.

In addition, with Codecademy Pro you’ll have full access to Skill Paths, Career Paths, and Challenge Projects.

So whether you’re just starting, looking to work at a local company or go FAANG, there is something for programmers of all aspirations.

Let’s go deeper into our Codecademy Pro review and take a closer look at platform specifics.


Codecademy Pro offers courses for 14 programming languages:

HTML & CSSBash/ShellPHPPythonRuby


Codecademy Pro offers a unique assessment quiz. It starts by asking you multiple choice questions about your interests and learning style.

Based on your responses, you’re given recommendations for programming languages best suited for your personality traits.

Results of my Assessment Quiz on Codecademy Pro

For example, my assessment quiz has recommended SQL and Python as ideal starting languages. (But don’t tell JavaScript! 😲)


There’s a full catalog of topics offered:

  • Code Foundations
  • Web Development
  • Data Science
  • Computer Science
  • Developer Tools
  • Machine Learning
  • Web Design
  • Game Development
  • Mobile Development
  • Data Visualization

So not only can you learn a programming language, you can learn how to apply it.

💥 Codecademy Pro COURSES

With over 70 courses available in Codecademy Pro, there’s no shortage of learning options.

Some courses included in Codecademy Pro

Each course covers multiple concepts. In addition, each concept uses a combination of learning methods:

What to expect in a typical course section on Codecademy Pro

interactive lessons



And some courses also include articles and videos.

Now let’s take a look at each of these learning methods found in Codecademy Pro’s course Learn Python 3.


There are 10 interactive lessons in the Learn Python 3 course.

Contained in each lesson is:

  • an explanation of what you’ll learn
  • coding instructions
  • an interactive coding exercise
  • concept review
  • community forums

In addition, there’s a help forum.

Example of interactive lesson on list lengths in Learn Python 3 course on Codecademy Pro

Therefore, by immediately applying what you learned, you can test your knowledge.

✨ Codecademy Pro PROJECTS

Codecademy Pro sets itself apart from other platforms because of how many projects you create. Instead of one or two projects per course, you’ll create one or two projects per lesson.

Example of freeform project in Python 3 course on Codecademy Pro

For example, in this project in Learn Python 3, you’ll use Python to organize fictitious sales data of your pizza shop. Rather than boring you with standard lists, you get to create one with tasty pizza toppings. 🍕

Bonus: If you get stuck and need help, the projects contain video walkthroughs by experienced developers.


At the conclusion of each lesson there’s a multiple question quiz to test your knowledge.

Also, if you’re not satisfied with the results, you can go back and take the lesson again and again.

✨ Codecademy Pro ARTICLES

Some lessons include articles, but these come with a twist: they’re interactive articles.

So they’re similar to the lessons, but have less content and shorter exercises.

Interactive article on Codecademy Pro

For example, an article about lists ends with a series of interactive exercises to apply what you’ve just read.

✨ Codecademy Pro VIDEOS

While the vast majority of courses don’t contain videos, some of the more complex topics in Codecademy Pro do.

Tuples video explanation on Codecademy Pro

For example, tuples are probably best explained with some visual examples.

💥 Codecademy Pro CAREER PATHS

Codecademy Pro’s Career Paths provide a specific set of skills and concepts that are useful for career-minded software developers.

Video Introduction to Code Functions on Codecademy Pro

And they currently feature four Career Paths:

Code Foundations – This path is ideal for code newbies who don’t know where to start. Also, here you’ll learn computer science history, career explorations, and applications of code.

Data Science – You’ll learn how to build the skills to query, analyze and visualize data using Python and SQL. You’ll also get up and running with machine learning.

Web Development – Here you’ll master the languages of the web: HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. They also throw in React, a JavaScript library.

Computer Science – This introduction to programming theory will teach you Python, data structures, the command line and Git.

Example of interactive lesson in Code Foundations on Codecademy Pro

💥 Codecademy Pro SKILL PATHS

Codecademy Pro’s Skill Paths are 6 to 10 week projects honing in on developing various skills.

There are 13 specific Skill Paths you can take…

You can Analyze:

  • Data with Python
  • Financial Data with Python
  • Data with R
  • Data with SQL

Or you can Build:

  • Basic Android Apps with Java
  • Chatbots with Python
  • Machine Learning Model with Python
  • Website with HTML, CSS, and GitHub Pages

In addition, you can Create:

  • Video Games with Phaser.js
  • Back-End App with JavaScript
  • Front-End App with React

And finally, you can:

  • Pass the Technical Interview with JavaScript
  • Visualize Data with Python
Some skill paths available on Codecademy Pro

In addition, each path focuses on strengthening a specific skill set. For example, in Create a Back-End App with JavaScript, you’ll:

  • use JavaScript, Node.js, Express.js, SQL, HTTP, etc.
  • build 3 projects to become familiar with the architecture, connect web apps to databases, and build your own API
  • learn JavaScript fundamentals, conditionals and functions, arrays, loops, and iterators

And more.

Section of Create a Back-End App with JavaScript in Codecademy Pro


As the old saying goes, a challenge a day keeps the imposter syndrome away! (just kidding, I totally made that up. But it works!)

When considering Codecademy Pro, review this collection of unique projects. They’ll keep you busy and your coding skills up to snuff.

Whether you want to become a Pokemon Master or build a Magic 8 Ball, there’s no shortage of fun projects.

Just some of the 30-day coding challenges Codecademy Pro has to offer

These challenges cater to different languages. For example, the Roller Coaster challenge uses your knowledge of Python, pandas and Data Science. But Build A Text Adventure uses C++.

So the more languages you learn, the more challenges you can take.

Bonus: With a few tweaks, many of these projects are portfolio-worthy.

💥 Codecademy Pro LEARN FROM HOME

Learn From Home is Codecademy Pro’s global learning community.

This is where programmers gather to share content, resources and experiences while learning from home.

Learn from Home club on Codecademy Pro

There are useful blogs from the Codecademy team such as 11 New Skills You Can Learn From Home.

The post contains this video with over 7 hours of interviews with people in the industry plus valuable resources. In addition, accompanying blog breaks down the talk into an organized, digestible piece of text.

When writing this Codecademy Pro review, the Learn from Home section was one of our favorite features on the platform.

💥 Codecademy Pro SUPPORT

There are 4 support categories:

  • Get Help – get assistance with Codecademy coursework
  • Community – chat with other learners, practice your skills
  • Projects – share your projects and get feedback
  • FAQ – questions answered by Codecademy admin

Also, forums are organized by topic or programming language for easy navigation.

Example of forum topics in Codecademy Pro

💥 Codecademy Pro COST

You can get Codecademy Pro for about $40 per month.

However, if you get a yearly subscription, you pay only about $20 per month. And at that cost, Codecademy Pro is an affordable platform to learn software development.


Whether you’re a code newbie or an advanced programmer looking to expand your knowledge, Codecademy Pro has something for just about everyone.

You can take a few courses, or go the more structured route with Skill and Career Paths. Or have fun with their coding challenges.

Also, methods cater to learners of all types using interactive coding environments, quizzes, videos, articles, and community.

Therefore at about $20 per month with the yearly subscription, it’s a pretty good deal.

So head over to Codecademy Pro, review their tiers and have fun coding.

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