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Codecademy Python Review [Roadmap to Learn Python]

🐍 Why learn Python?

Python is a versatile, popular programming language.

Because Python is easy to read, many say it’s the best way for newbies to learn code.

And if you already have a programming language (or 2 or 3) under your belt, it wouldn’t hurt to add Python to your resume.

What are the top 10 uses for Python?

Python is used in various tech fields such as:

  1. web development
  2. video game development
  3. data science
  4. machine learning
  5. graphical application UI (GUI)
  6. web scraping applications
  7. embedded applications
  8. CAD applications
  9. education
  10. e-commerce

Heck, hackers love Python, too… Ethical hackers, of course. 🤓

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And what is Codecademy?

Codecademy is an interactive learning platform for developers. It offers courses in 12 different programming languages. And HTML & CSS.

The courses are text-based with an embedded code editor. This means you can code right in your web browser.

So you can write and run your code next to the curriculum.

Learning environment with instructions and embedded code editor in Learn Python 3 on Codecademy Pro.

Plus there are video explanations for more difficult concepts.

And there are quizzes.

In addition to courses, Codecademy has skill paths, career paths, projects and more.



  • User-friendly
  • Tons of beginner & intermediate courses
  • Courses in 12 programming languages, HTML & CSS
  • Skill paths
  • Career paths
  • Quizzes
  • Projects
  • Community support
  • Student discount


  • Limited advanced courses
  • Limited access with Free tier
  • Can’t skip lessons within courses
  • Limited advanced courses

Learn more about Codecademy Pro here:

⏲️ Time investment:
Skill paths usually take about 2 months to complete.
Career paths typically take 6 months to a year to complete. ⏲️

You can sign up for Codecademy Pro
👉 here. 👈

Codecademy Python Courses

Codecademy Pro offers 20 beginner, intermediate, and advanced Python-related courses. Each course has lessons, quizzes and projects. 🐍

Length of a list instructions and code editor in Learn Python 3 course from Codecademy Pro
Length of a List in Learn Python 3: This typical learning environment on Codecademy Pro contains instructions, hints, community support, and an embedded code editor.

And for more complex concepts, you’ll find some video explanations.

Tuples code in Python 3 explanation from Codecademy Pro
Tuples video explanation in Learn Python 3 on Codecademy Pro

Here are examples of beginner, intermediate and advanced Python courses on Codecademy Pro:

✅ Beginner Course: Learn Python 3

This beginner course covers syntax, functions, control flow, lists, loops, strings, modules, and more.

There are 11 modules which contain detailed lessons to solidify concepts.

Len's Slice instructions to code a list of pizza toppings into code editor on Codecademy Pro
Len’s Slice project and coding environment in Learn Python 3 on Codecademy Pro

Plus you’ll work on 3 portfolio-ready projects using skills like using control flow and writing functions: 🐍

You’ll work on 3 portfolio-ready projects in the course Learn Python 3 on Codcademy Pro.
  1. Create Purchasing Information and Receipts for Lovely Loveseats – store names and prices of a furniture’s catalog in variables, process the total price and customer item list, print them to the output terminal
  2. Getting Ready for Physics Class – act as a physics teacher providing students with functions that will help them calculate fundamental physical properties
  3. Sal’s Shipping – write a program asking customers for package weight and return the cheapest method of shipping

Intermediate Course: Learn the Basics of Machine Learning

This is a course for intermediate learners with a grasp of Python, writing functions, and control flow.

Introduction to Linear Regression lesson in Learn the Basics of Machine Learning course on Codecademy Pro. This is an intermediate course which has a prerequisite of Python, writing functions, control flow, and more.

It covers linear regression, decision trees, perceptron, k-means and beyond.

You’ll create 3 portfolio-ready projects:

You’ll create 3 portfolio-ready projects in the course Learn the Basics of Machine Learning on Codecademy Pro.
  1. Honey Production – investigate decline of honeybee population and predict future using Pandas or numPy
  2. Breast Cander Classifier – use multiple Python libraries to make a K-Nearest Neighbor classifier to predict positive breast cancer results in patients
  3. Predict Titanic Survival – create a Logistic Regression model to predict survival rates of passengers based on age and class

Advanced Course: Technical Interview Practice with Python

In this advanced course you’ll practice industry-standard technical interview problems.

Whiteboarding lesson in the Technical Interview Practice with Python course on Codecademy Pro.

It covers whiteboarding, lists, linked lists, and dynamic programming.

You’ll also learn to write more efficient Python code.

And more. 🐍

Then you’ll create 2 portfolio-ready projects:

You’ll create 2 portfolio-ready projects in the course Technical Interview Practice with Python on CodeCademy Pro.
  1. Capturing Rain Water – write a function which calculates the total water captured from an input list of integers
  2. Longest Common Subsequence – determine the longest common subsequence by producing a a more efficient solution

Codecademy Python Review: Skill Paths and Career Paths

Skill paths let you hone in on a specific skill. For example, analyzing data with Python is considered a skill. And Codecademy Pro has a skill path for that.

On the other hand, Codecademy Pro career paths help you prepare for a career using the Python programming language.

✨ Codecademy Python Review: Skill Paths

Skill paths are designed to help you learn and practice real-world skills. They contain a curated list of lessons, quizzes, videos and projects.

code editor for creating a function of every_three_nums with instructions, editor, and "run" button
Example of a Python quiz which you’ll find in a Python Skill Path on Codecademy Pro.

🐍 Codecademy Pro has 6 Python-related skill paths:

Analyze Data with Python – Learn the fundamentals of data science analysis while building Python skills.

Visualize Data with Python – Create data visualizations with Python.

Build Chatbots with Python -This skill path teaches beginner Python devs to make self-learning Chatbots.

Build Python Web Apps with Flask – You’ll learn how to create your own web app with this Python backend microframework.

Analyze Financial Data with Python – Process, analyze and visualize data using Python.

Build a Machine Learning Model with Python – Find patterns in data and make decisions.

✨ Codecademy Python Career Paths

In addition to skill paths, Codecademy also offers career paths.

They are designed to give developers an in-depth foundational understanding of concepts in a specific career.

They’re similar to skill paths because they contain lessons, quizzes, videos and projects to learn and practice real-world skills.

But career paths typically take 6 months to a year to complete.

Projects and lessons in Computer Science career path on Codecademy Pro

Codecademy Pro has 2 Python-related career paths:

Computer Science – Master Python while learning algorithms, data structures, and more.

Data Science – Learn Python and SQL to query, analyze and visualize data.

✨ Codecademy Python Projects

You’ll find dozens of Python projects within Codecademy Pro’s courses, skill paths and career paths.

Projects in the Visualize Data with Python skill path on Codecademy Pro

You’ll work on things like:

  • making line graphs
  • using Python lists
  • analyzing and visualizing data
  • creating Chatbots
  • writing functions

And much more.

Many of these projects are portfolio-ready. 📖

💰 How much is Codecademy Pro?

Codecademy Pro has 3 subscription tiers:

FreeMonthly – $39.99/moYearly – $240
🤩 Best Deal!
Access to
Skill Paths
Career Paths
Peer Support

👉 You can check out Codecademy Pro here.

Codecademy Python Review: Conclusion

If you’re looking to learn Python, we recommend Codecademy Pro.

You’ll learn basic, intermediate and advanced concepts within various courses, skill paths and career paths.

So whether you’re just getting started with Python or want to begin a career in data science, Codecademy Pro has something for every developer.

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