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Colt Steele’s new course is here…And it’s FREE

As one of the highest-performing and best-rated instructors on Udemy, Colt Steele is a go-to instructor for newbie self-taught web developers.

From the now-classic Web Developer Bootcamp, with nearly 400,000 students enrolled since its debut, to more specialized courses including cryptocurrency and Bootstrap 4, Colt Steele’s imprint as an instructor spans far and wide. MySQL anybody? Or perhaps Python 3? No matter the language or implementation, he has his pulse on the modern dev community, no doubt.

Colt Steele udemy
With a comprehensive understanding of modern software, Colt Steele delivers education to up-and-coming web developers. MySQL? HTML? React? No problem.

In 2018, Steele started his YouTube channel, featuring relevant web development and software topics ranging from recursion to Big O notation. While the channel features these important theoretical computer science concepts, it also has its fair supply of implementation-minded topics.

No paywall, no donation request – just a free, interactive 10-part series explaining Webpack.

One of the most recent of these YouTube offerings is a series on Webpack.

This 10-part series is just like any of his courses on Udemy. The only differences? It’s much shorter than his other offerings and it’s free. No paywall, no donation request — just a free, interactive 10-part series explaining Webpack. By the end of the less-than-two-hour excursion.

Colt Steele webpack RealToughCandy

But what the heck is this thing called Webpack?

Webpack is, simply stated, an asset bundler.

Webpack takes your files ranging from CSS to JavaScript files and packages them up so you don’t have to worry about linking to them one-by-one in your index file. Gone are your worries about ordering them properly due to dependency issues. Learn Webpack, and you can rock and roll with huge projects (i.e. projects that use frameworks and libraries such as Vue, Angular, React, and so on) without spending hours ordering your external files. Webpack has a learning curve, but in the end, it’s definitely worth it.

Do I have to learn Webpack to be a web developer?

No. Webpack just makes our lives easier when we’re working with big projects with lots of files. If you’re working on an “old-school” website with one or two stylesheets and a small handful of other files, Webpack is overkill. However, in an enterprise setting, company projects are usually large (much larger than personal projects), so even though you may not be dealing with 100s of files just yet as a newbie, do consider learning Webpack if you plan on entering the enterprise software industry. The Colt Steele version of how Webpack works is a great start!

Colt Steele
Oh, hello again.

Some have suggested that this free course is a module from Steele’s upcoming React course…This rumor has not been confirmed, but we will see shortly on whether this rumor is true or not.

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