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Web Developer Roadmap 2019 [video]

With nearly 80,000 stars and almost 12,000 forks on GitHub, the Developer Roadmap has helped thousands of aspiring devs find their paths to success.

Today, we’re going to look over this roadmap — is it all it’s cracked up to be in 2019? 

If you’re a self-taught developer, the odds are fair that you’ve seen this document floating somewhere on the web.

This roadmap is essentially a set of charts that demonstrates the paths you can take to become a dev, either as a front-end, back-end, or DevOps developer. Accordingly, it also has a huge, winding list of the technologies you’d likely want to learn.

Now, the person who created this roadmap made it for one of his old college professors who wanted something visual to share with his students. And as the disclaimer notes, this thing exists to give you an idea about the landscape of each career path. It also serves as a guide for when you get stuck on your coding journey and don’t know what to learn next, instead of listening to what some random dude says in a YouTube comment. (Hey, I’m not judging, I’ve done it before. Not my proudest moment, but I’ve been there…)

The really interesting part of this whole developer roadmap is how drastically it’s changed compared to just last year. It really illustrates just how lightning-fast things evolve in Web Land.

Finally, the disclaimer emphasizes that you should focus on honing your critical thinking skills when it comes to picking up technologies, rather than relying on what’s hip and trendy.

So let’s go over the meat of this roadmap and see what we’re working with. Today I’m going to focus mostly on the front-end developer track. We’ll take a peek at back-end and DevOps, but mostly we’ll focus on the front-end.

Here’s the video where we check out the “protein” of this year’s developer roadmap:

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