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Freelance Newbie Podcast Episode 4 (Non-Client Freelancing)

Welcome to Episode 4 of the Freelance Newbie podcast. In this edition, we’re talking about making money without clients.


That’s right, we’re pushing the boundaries of freelance coding: to steal some database lingo, we’re taking traditional one-to-one relationships (where we work one-on-one with clients) and transforming them into a one-to-many relationship (where we sell the same code to multiple people).

Taking the non-client freelance coding approach can be appealing for many reasons.

If you aren’t a people person, have social anxiety or live in a small town where in-person freelancing isn’t doable, a one-to-many freelancing gig may be just the ticket. Aside from selling your code, themes, backend tech and so on at popular sites like Theme Forest, you can also take a page from popular open source developers who receive donations for their contributions. 

In this episode, we’re talking about the main challenges of getting started with freelance coding, including selling your code on a 3rd party site, while touching upon what you can do to make your experience a profitable one.

From social proof to guerrilla marketing, there are many things you can do to start getting noticed with your freelance coding efforts.

In addition, we also talk about the donation route, where people pledge to support you for your efforts.

While we discuss a high-profile account that as of July 2019 earns over $15,000 a month, we also talk about the hundreds of other developers who are also getting paid for sharing their tools and techniques with the rest of the world. It may seem odd that people get paid for code that they published *for free* but there are thousands of people out there who want to show their financial support as a token of appreciation.

As always, Celina the cat is excited to add her thoughts in this episode.

Come on in and get settled as we talk about this lucrative alternative way to earn income as a freelancer. 

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3:06 Non-client freelancing: What is that?

7:11: 3rd party code/theme selling sites

9:08: Selling for profit? Why you need a marketing machine

10:22 Guess how many themes I’ve sold? 

12:45: Focusing on your audience to get sales

14:50  Intro to Guerilla Marketing

19:00 Reality vs Expectations: How pressed are customers for code? 

23:52: Dude seriously…GET THAT SOCIAL PROOF!!!11

27:53: Monkeys can code, so how will you differentiate yourself? 

30:30: Why I don’t sell themes or other code

31:26 People will pay you for your *free* code. Wait what? 

34:50: Want to earn? Ditch the cookie cutter projects

35:50: Newbies can get in on the action too

36:32: Junior dev vs. senior dev

39:50 Drunk GitHub users

43:00: Eff the algorithm

44:30: How do you get people to engage & trust your talent? 

47:20: Why freelancing actually rocks

51:25: Why modern web development is so tricky

53:52: Your plan for selling code & getting support

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