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Freelance Newbie Podcast Episode 2 (Making Money)

Welcome to Episode 2 of the Freelance Newbie podcast!

In this podcast we’re talking all about freelancing. If you’ve got tech skills, you’ve got a way to make money. 👉👉👉

It doesn’t matter if you’ve just started learning HTML & CSS or you’re a senior developer at a large company –– the things we talk about apply to all abilities. Whether you’re wondering where to start, how to engage with people so they want to do business with you, or just want to get some ideas for that sweet, sweet cash, Freelance Newbie is a podcast that is all about real-world scenarios.

No FizzBuzz challenges here! In this episode of Freelance Newbie we’re taking a look at four major ways you can start earning some major money as a developer.

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2:23 Subscriber Question: Should I build two websites (one for freelance, one for my portfolio?)
7:00 Last week’s show recap (getting out there, what to expect, being shy)
7:50: 4 ways to make money: building, improving, auxiliary services, monthly packages
9:10: Way Number 1: Building a website from scratch
9:55: Facebook stinks (great news for freelancers)
13:10 looking beyond small businesses
14:50: Way Number 2: Improving a website
19:10 Family “developers” vs. your professional service (Used car salesman story)
24:00 Way Number 3: Auxiliary Services29:55: The importance of NOT sitting back
32:30: Competitive Pogo Dancing (Spam vs Value; Context Matters!)
33:27: Way Number 4: Monthly Maintenance Packages
41:30: Non-profit mindset vs. building a real business
56:20 The Salsa Story

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