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Freelance Newbie Podcast Episode 3 (is PHP dead?)

Why don’t most popular web developer instructors on Udemy and YouTube teach PHP?

Why is there a shortage of quality learning materials, including the documentation?

Why do some devs hate on WordPress, which is not only powered by PHP but also makes up 30% +/-of the web?

So many questions about one of the original backend web technologies, and in today’s episode of Freelance Newbie we’re going to talk about a lot of them. Why? Because even though PHP is considered a legacy language by some, and not worth pursuing at all by others, there are literally thousands of opportunities waiting for you once you learn PHP.

As a freelancer, there is so much PHP work that you could probably spend the rest of your life building and fixing PHP sites in your city.

Join us today as we talk about this language that gets a bad rap, but offers untold opportunities to those brave enough to explore it.

If you’re asking yourself “Is PHP dead?” you won’t want to miss today’s episode of the Freelance Newbie Podcast.

Interesting article on why NOT to learn PHP by Andrei Neagoie:

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6:45 What does PHP do?
13:50: The rise of PHP apps
20:25 WordPress haters
23:55 Why don’t the top Udemy instructors (and YouTubers?) teach PHP
28:00 The PHP money is out there
31:15: What’s not so great about PHP?
38:00 Karly Kloss, please come support PHP
41:00: LAMP stack for freelancing (and 9 to 5!)
49:00 How I got into PHP with freelancing
59:40: Navigating the social landscape as a freelancer
1:06:00: No, really. Is PHP dead?

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