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RealToughCandy is the author of Freelance Newbie, Tiny YouTube, How to Get a Job in Web Development.

Her newest release is Real Tough Software: A Journey from 0 to 1.

You can find the companion courses at

Freelance Newbie

freelance newbie course with horned antelope cartoon writing and drinking coffee with laptop

How to Get a Job in Web Development

how to get a job in web development on text over cartoon image of hands typing on laptop

Other courses on

Designs and Deadlines: Practical UX/UI for Web Developers

ux/ui for web developers with cartoon pens and pencils yellow purple seafoam

Portfolio Surgery

multi-pink and yellow background with Portfolio Surgery in black cursive for junior web developer portfolios

Professional Communication for Junior Developers

in my office... NOW! red white letters with man slamming fist on table