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Is Ezoic worth it? Ezoic Review 2024 (My personal experience after 1 year of using Ezoic)

Is Ezoic worth it? In today’s post, I’m sharing my experience with Ezoic. You’ll also discover a few prominent features of the Ezoic platform, along with how Ezoic compares to ad networks like Google AdSense.

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TLDR: Is Ezoic worth it?

💰We’ve been using Ezoic here on RealToughCandy.com for over a year. We’ve exponentially increased our ad revenue compared to Google AdSense.

🤖 Ezoic’s AI program automatically tests ad placements for us, maximizing the revenue on our site while dramatically reducing the manpower needed to test placements.

🚀 In my opinion, Ezoic can be a perfect choice for small to medium publishers.

➡️🔥 Check out Ezoic here.

If you’re like me, you probably have a lot of questions about Ezoic.

For example, what the heck is Ezoic?

Is Ezoic legit?

Is Ezoic better than Google AdSense?

And can you actually make more money from Ezoic than AdSense?

In today’s post, I’ll be answering all those questions and more. They were the exact same questions I had before I made the switch from Google AdSense to Ezoic over a year ago.

ezoic logo

What is Ezoic?

Ezoic claims they’re not an ad network, sort of like Tesla claims they’re not a car company. What I mean is, Ezoic’s main product is ads, but they also offer a suite of tools to optimize those ads. This includes their AI-powered tools like their ad and layout testers (discussed more below).

Why Did I Switch From Google AdSense to Ezoic?

I have to be totally honest here: After using Google AdSense on this site (and others) for years, AdSense was easy for me to use, relatively simple to implement and always paid me on time.

It wasn’t until I started watching a few SEO videos on YouTube (shoutout to Income School) where I found some people suggesting bloggers try out Ezoic.

“You’ll make more money there” seemed to be the common refrain. And that’s the exact thing that motivated me to check it out.

Because even though AdSense was simple and reliable, I wasn’t really impressed with my RPMs. (Considering how competitive and lucrative the technical education ad space is, I knew I could earn more.)

Google AdSense control panel
My current Google AdSense panel.

So, late one night after polishing the final draft of an AlgoExpert review article, I signed up for an Ezoic account and decided to test it out.

🔥 Want to test out Ezoic yourself? Check it out here.

Is Ezoic worth it? Benefits & Features

I’m not going to go through every benefit and feature of Ezoic, because there are a TON. But I’ll cover three: Earnings, the Ad Tester and the Layout Tester.

Higher Earnings

Ezoic has a few of their own fancy terms they use, like EPMV (earnings per thousand visitors). I’m used to the Google-verse language of CPCs and CPMs. But whatever acronym you want to use, I’m earning more through Ezoic.

OK, now this is the super important part: I can’t promise that you’ll automatically earn more on Ezoic! I’m just saying that I’m earning more on a CPC/CPM/EPMV basis compared to what I was earning with AdSense. And you don’t have to take my word for it – the Ezoic blog has numerous articles sharing the science behind how they make you more money.

There are also plenty of other people who aren’t shy about sharing their exponential earnings with Ezoic:

…After 20 days of Ezoic I’ve made 4x my best 30 days on AdSense…

-gahitsu7, reddit user
Quote from reddit user about Ezoic that says I was about to apply for Mediavine at 30KPV [pageviews] when they doubled the requirements. So I went with Ezoic. After 20 days of Ezoic I’ve made 4x my best 30 days on AdSense. With I had made the switch at 10K.

Ad Tester

Ezoic’s Ad Tester uses machine learning to maximize your earnings by tweaking the ads shown on your website. What do I mean by “tweaking?” Well, the ad tester experiments with factors like the:

  • number of ads
  • location of the ads
  • size of the ads

The more tests you allow, the more Ezoic experiments with the ads and the user experience.

Ezoic Ad Tester options
Ezoic ad tester options.

I personally use the Ad Tester for realtoughcandy.com. However, you don’t have to use it. You can manually place each ad position for full control.

Layout Tester

Like the Ad Tester, Ezoic’s Layout Tester uses machine learning to maximize your earnings by tweaking your site’s layout.

This is how Ezoic describes it:

Essentially, Ezoic looks at your site, indexes all the files and dynamically re-serves them in many different layouts to your visitors via Ezoic’s technology and name servers.[…]The results for this app are astonishing – most long term users see a 42% improvement in user experience metrics, and an 141% improvement in revenue compared to their original setup.  

That “141% improvement in revenue” quote is not a typo…

This is an optional feature. I actually haven’t used this feature because realtoughcandy.com’s layout is already optimized. Further, I don’t want to risk slowing down my site or breaking it with a 3rd party meddler.

🤖🔥➡️ Check out Ezoic to get started with their AI-driven Ad & Layout Testers.

Is Ezoic Worth It? Ezoic vs AdSense

Here’s the thing: Technically, Ezoic is a Google Certified Publishing Partner, so they don’t really compete against Google AdSense. Rather, through their suite of ad technologies, they use automated tests to optimize ad placements and layouts.

In layman’s terms, they go the extra mile to squeeze out as much revenue as possible from ads that display on your website or web app.

With that technical disclaimer out of they way, let’s discuss a few differences between Ezoic and AdSense.

Setup & Admin Panel

Ezoic options control panel
Control panel options on Ezoic.

I needed to add some WordPress plugins in order to integrate Ezoic, and I also spent some time tweaking my preferences for ad design and speed. I would say it took me about 5 hours to get everything up and running.

ezoic wordpress plugin
Ezoic site integration options.

(Use WordPress and need to know how to use Ezoic? Here’s a handy setup guide.)

If you’ve never used an ad network before, the various options on both Ezoic and AdSense can be overwhelming. However, once you register for an account on Ezoic, the platform walks you through the steps for setting up your site.

Compared to AdSense, I do feel like Ezoic offers more flexibility and freedom of choice for monetization.

For example, you can exclude certain categories of ads from running on your site, like politics or sexual topics. You know those gross close-ups of weird skin problems? Yeah, you can block those, too.

Analytics: Ezoic vs AdSense

Is Ezoic worth it Monetization preferences
Don’t want video games and weird sex pill ads on your site? You can exclude ad categories with Ezoic.

If Google gets one thing right, it’s their data collection and analytics (OK, maybe that’s two things…But still). AdSense has a very good analytics panel with a clean interface.

Perhaps most importantly, it gives you an insane amount of data points…But so does Ezoic’s analytics panel.

If I’m totally honest, I like the AdSense user interface better than Ezoic’s, but that’s my personal preference. I guess I’m probably just used to AdSense’s layout so am able to navigate it better.

I would say Ezoic’s data game is comparable to Google’s AdSense.

Revenue: Ezoic vs AdSense

Ezoic wins hands down. If you’re seeing ads on this article, they’re courtesy of Ezoic. Thank you, Ezoic. And if you’re not seeing ads because of an ad blocker, that’s OK. We also accept Basic Attention Token donations if you’re on Brave Browser. 😉

Ezoic vs MediaVine

As I mentioned previously, MediaVine is exclusive. How exclusive? For starters, you need to have at least 50,000 sessions in the previous 30 days. But even that doesn’t guarantee you’ll be accepted into their program…It just means you’re eligible to fill out their application!

So, yeah. MediaVine is extremely picky about who joins their program. That said, they work with some of the best names (read: highest paying) in the business and if they’re being this exclusive, you can probably conclude that they’re paying their publishers pretty sweetly.

That said, Ezoic also has some requirements.

MAJOR Update: Ezoic no longer has page view requirements for publishers! It used to be you needed 10,000 page views per month to apply. Now, that has been totally eliminated. You can literally register with 10 page views per month.

Is Ezoic Worth It? Final Verdict

I’ve been using Ezoic for over a year now. I have absolutely no plans on switching back to AdSense or experimenting with a new ad platform.

I honestly have no complaints about Ezoic. Yes, the setup took a few hours and that was frustrating. That said, the reason I made the switch to Ezoic was to make more money, and they have fulfilled that promise exponentially.

The main reason I’m sticking with Ezoic? It’s all about the Benjamins, baby. In other words, my earnings are unmatched compared to AdSense.

Also, now that I have everything set up, Ezoic takes care of maximizing my revenue through their AI program. Namely, that means testing combinations of ad placements to see what works best (i.e. makes the most money). That’s also a big time saver since we don’t have to tweak and tinker with anything in our Ezoic account.

So, is Ezoic worth it? In my opinion, yes, Ezoic is worth it. I recommend trying Ezoic if you’re a small or medium publisher. However, if you’re a large publisher, you’ll probably have more lucrative deals at “exclusive” ad agencies like MediaVine.

Bottom line, if you try Ezoic and don’t like it, you can always go back to your previous ad network or try a new one. But if Ezoic works for you like it works for us, it can be a very sweet deal.

Happy publishing!

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