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Is SystemsExpert Worth It in 2023? [SystemsExpert Review]

When SystemsExpert was released, we’ll admit: We were a bit skeptical.

How could it possibly measure up to its big brother AlgoExpert?

You know, the one with all those amazing features:

  • video-based courses
  • hours of solution walkthroughs and explanations
  • insider tips from the creators who worked at FAANGs
  • the fine attention to detail

Plus that 4-pane integrated workspace.

We thought that maybe SystemsExpert was just riding the coattails of its more powerful predecessor.

But we were wrong.

SystemsExpert is all that… And more.

Today we’re taking an in-depth look at what makes SystemsExpert the go-to resource for building robust, functional and scalable systems:

♦️ Systems design fundamentals – 25 video-based modules containing concepts and key terms

♦️ SystemsExpert questions – 13 real-world questions with video solution walkthroughs

♦️ 4-pane integrated workspace – highly customizable workspace

♦️ Cost – bundling options

Also, look out for our coupon below and you can save 10% instantly on SystemsExpert, AlgoExpert and the course bundle.

If you’re ready to start interviewing with FAANG companies, this course will give you the leg up you need to ace that systems design interview.

Now let’s take a closer look at what SystemsExpert has to offer.

Note: SystemsExpert is not for beginners. This course is geared towards programmers who are preparing for their systems design interview at FAANG-level companies.

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You can think of design fundamentals as the foundational knowledge that you need for systems design interviews, just as data structures are the foundational knowledge that you need for coding interviews.

Clément Mihailescu, co-founder of AlgoExpert

So What is SystemsExpert?

SystemsExpert is a video-based course. And it aims to help you ace the systems design interviews for FAANG-level companies.

You’ll learn extensively about systems design fundamentals like:

  • distributed computing
  • reliability engineering
  • information storage
  • systems architecture

And much more.

After learning the fundamentals, you’ll move on to a series of design questions.

The video walkthroughs are in the style of mock interviews. This is beneficial because it mimics what you can expect at a real-world FAANG interview.

SystemsExpert now has a 50-question quiz and a systems design certificate.

Note: This is a living course. The team maintains the course to keep it up to date and relevant. And they regularly add questions and features.

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Systems Design Fundamentals

The Systems Design Fundamentals portion of the course contains 25 modules covering key concepts such as:

🟩 Client-Server Model 🟩 Network Protocols 🟩 Storage

Storage video code example in SystemsExpert

🟩 Latency and Throughput 🟩 Availability 🟩 Caching

🟩 Proxies 🟩 Load Balancers 🟩 Hashing

Hashing video explanation in SystemsExpert

🟩 Relational Databases

Relational Databases video explanation in SystemsExpert

🟩 Key-Value Stores 🟩 Replication and Sharding

🟩 Leader Election 🟩 Peer-To-Peer Networks

Peer-To-Peer Networks video explanation in SystemsExpert

🟩 Polling and Streaming 🟩 Configuration

Configuration video code example on SystemsExpert

🟩 Rate Limiting 🟩 Logging and Monitoring

🟩 Publish/Subscribe (Pub/Sub) Pattern 🟩 MapReduce

MapReduce video explanation in SystemsExpert

And more.

In addition, these modules are organized with each key concept building on the previous one.

For more complex concepts, the video explanations include a code example.

Plus, you’ll learn multiple key terms for each concept.

Most importantly, these modules will equip you to successfully navigate systems design interviews.

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SystemsExpert Questions

SystemsExpert contains 13 hand-picked questions:

  1. Design AlgoExpert
  2. Design a Code-Deployment System
  3. Design a Stockbroker
  4. Design Facebook News Feed
  5. Design Google Drive
  6. Design the Reddit API
  7. Design Netflix
  8. Design the Uber API
  9. Design Slack
  10. Design Airbnb

And all of these questions are in the form of mock interviews.

For example, let’s look at Design Netflix.

First off, there’s your interview question: Design Netflix.

Sounds easy enough, right?

Actually, wait a minute… No, it doesn’t.

That’s a pretty broad prompt. So you probably have some questions.

SystemsExpert provides a series of clarifying questions you should ask before proceeding with the interview.

Clarifying Questions on SystemsExpert

You’ll learn about:

🔹how to establish which parts of Netflix to design

🔹 auxiliary services to highlight

🔹necessary fictitious data needed

And beyond.

From there, you’ll follow along with the detailed mock interview video solution.

Design Netflix video solution on SystemsExpert

And finally, you can use the text-based solution walkthroughs to clarify key concepts in the video.

Some solution walkthroughs on SystemsExpert

Plus, these are useful when going back to reference a particular concept or portion of the interview.

And for all of these questions, you’ll work within the…

4-Pane Integrated Workspace

When I first saw AlgoExpert’s integrated workspace, I didn’t think it could get any better.

I was wrong.

The integrated workspace on SystemsExpert has all the delicious interactive qualities of AlgoExpert’s… and then some.

Beautiful and clean integrated workspace on SystemsExpert

First off, the interface is in dark mode.

In addition, each pane is adjustable in size. And from there you can select which of the 4 panes you’d like to display:

1. Show Prompt

In this pane, you’ll:

🔹see the question

🔹read recommended clarifying questions to ask during your FAANG interview

And from there, you can take notes on your scratchpad…

2. Show Scratchpad

This is not your father’s Post-It note.

It’s an HTML-enabled scratchpad that allows you to insert headers, quotes, lists and more.

Scratchpad on SystemsExpert

And it has an auto-save feature. So your changes are instantly saved.

Plus when you come back to a prompt, your notes will be saved and waiting for you.

3. Show Video Solution

Here is the lengthy video section of the systems design workspace.

With the mock interview you’ll hear Clément pose clarifying questions to an interviewer. And from there the interviewer will provide feedback.

This guidance enables Clément to produce a targeted solution as an interviewee.

4. Show Solution Walkthrough

Solution walkthroughs are organized and hidden by default.

These walkthroughs are meant as a reference point only after you’ve watched the video walkthrough.

Text-based solution walkthroughs are ideal to reinforce the key concepts taught in the video.


The glossary is a useful addition to the integrated work environment.

Glossary on SystemsExpert

A small tab expands to a searchable glossary of all relevant terms within the course.

💰 Cost

You can get SystemsExpert for about $79 for a yearly subscription.

Or you can buy the SystemsExpert and AlgoExpert bundle for about $139 for a yearly subscription.

But you can save 10% instantly with our coupon.

SystemsExpert Coupon

Use the code realtoughcandy at check out and instantly save 10%.

This coupon is good for SystemsExpert, AlgoExpert or the course bundle.

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Who created SystemsExpert?

SystemsExpert was created by Clément Mihailescu (ex-Google, ex-Facebook) and Antoine Pourchet (ex-Uber).

Clément was frustrated when applying for FAANG jobs. There weren’t any decent resources available to learn and practice real-world algorithms. Or ace the technical interviews.

As a result, he and Antoine created the AlgoExpert platform.

But they didn’t stop there.

They also added a data crash course, interview tips and more.

SystemsExpert is the latest addition to the AlgoExpert platform. The course is intended to help aspiring FAANG developers ace their systems design interviews.

My only question is… what’s next?

Is SystemsExpert Worth It? Conclusion

When SystemsExpert came out, we were skeptical. How could it possibly live up to our expectations?

AlgoExpert is a tough act to follow.

But it met – and exceeded – our expectations:

🟣 With 22 modules in the Systems Design Fundamentals section, you’ll gain a thorough understanding of necessary key terms.

🟣 And the 8 mock interview questions are an ideal way to learn what to expect in the systems design portion of your FAANG interview.

🟣 In addition, the 4-pane integrated workspace is a developer’s dream. It looks sharp, it’s intuitive, and it’s easy on the eyes.

So if you’re still asking “is SystemsExpert worth it?” Think about this: Just this small investment could help land you a 6-figure salary.

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