JavaScript: Understanding the Weird Parts

Advanced JavaScript Questions & Answers: Best of GitHub [video]

It’s time for JavaScript Questions!

Welcome back to another episode of Best of GitHub where we explore the best repos on GitHub.

There are literally millions upon millions of public repos on GitHub, and most of the time we find ourselves not needing most of them…Yet we know there must be some good stuff floating around GitHub land. This series showcases a few of those excellent repos that can really help developers do their jobs!

In today’s episode we’re exploring a repo simply called javascript-questions. As you may have guessed, this repo consists of…dun dun dunJavaScript questions! But not just that, these questions have thorough explanations in the answer section.

All multiple choice, these JavaScript questions focus largely on the theory behind the language. This is a welcome relief from many other questions out there, which tend to be more trivia-based.

For example, one question I see often is the palindrome challenge where you’re asked to write a program that can identify a palindrome (a word that is spelled the same both forwards and backwards, for example “radar.”)

While interesting, these types of questions are not much more than trivia — who are they really helping, what skills are they actually showing? With this javascript-questions repo, it goes deeper into the theory and you have the chance to eliminate answers via multiple choice, giving your brain a chance to flex its JavaScript skills.

Check out the javascript-questions repo here:

If you’re having trouble with a lot of these questions, don’t panic!

Like I mentioned, most of them do involve JavaScript theory (hoisting, execution stack, type conversion) and aren’t your typical FizzBuzz challenge.

One of the best courses I’ve taken for JavaScript is by Anthony Alicea titled JavaScript: Understanding the Weird Parts.

JavaScript: Understanding the Weird Parts

This is hands-down one of the best courses I’ve taken on JS and even though it made me want to throw my head through a wall, I learned a LOT. It’s a very popular course and for good reason, and with Udemy’s nearly-constant sales it’s definitely worth the price of lunch!

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