best mongodb books this year [learn mongodb, mern and mean now]

13 Best MongoDB Books in 2023 [Learn MongoDB, MERN and MEAN Now]

Today we’re looking at the best MongoDB books for this year.

🧠 Did you know? MongoDB has been downloaded over 175 million times.

What is MongoDB?

MongoDB is a popular cross-platform NoSQL database program that is document-oriented. With MongoDB you can accelerate development and work with diverse datasets. It’s scalable and stores data in flexible JSON-like documents.

Its document model is generally considered simple to use because it maps to objects in your application code.

MongoDB provides drivers for over 10 languages, but the community has built more beyond that.

What is the MEAN stack?

The MEAN stack is a JavaScript-based framework composed of four technologies:

🇲 MongoDB

🇪 Express

🇦 Angular

🇳 Node

It’s used for developing dynamic web applications and web sites.

Some variations to the MEAN stack include MERN (replacing Angular with React) and MEVN (replacing Angular with Vue).

🧠 Did you know? All components of the MEAN stack support JavaScript. As a result, you can write MEAN applications using one language for the frontend and backend.

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TLDR: Best MongoDB Books

🔥 Best Overall 🔥
MongoDB: The Definitive Guide

💥 Best for Newbies 💥

MongoDB Fundamentals

💸 Best Value 💸

Beginning Node, Express & MongoDB Development

Best MongoDB Books

Now let’s take a look at some of the best MongoDB books of this year.

1. MongoDB: The Definitive Guide

↘️ Ideal for: MongoDB beginners, database developers, system administrators
Topics covered: indexing, configuration, application administration

MongoDB: The Definitive Guide examines the advantages of using document-oriented databases for flexible, scalable models.

➡️ MongoDB: The Definitive Guide is one of the best MongoDB books overall.

Whether you’re new to MongoDB or have some experience, there’s something for every level of developer here.

It covers MongoDB 4.2 which was released in 2019. So while this version of MongoDB is a couple of years older, most of the content in this book is still relevant.

First, you’ll learn all about MongoDB fundamentals. Then you’ll go on to learn about:

✅ how to write operations and find documents

✅ creating complex queries

✅ how replication interacts with applications

✅ cluster components and shard keys

You’ll also discover how to use system settings when deploying MongoDB.

What developers are saying about MongoDB: The Definitive Guide:

Great book that offers a broad and deep starting point on using MongoDB. Highly recommend.

J.S., MongoDB Developer

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2. MongoDB Fundamentals: A Hands-On Guide to Using MongoDB and Atlas in the Real World

↘️ Ideal for: MongoDB newbies, developers, database administrators, system administrators, cloud architects
Topics covered: MongoDB, cloud computing, Atlas

MongoDB Fundamentals will help you develop the skills to process data efficiently and create databases.

➡️ MongoDB Fundamentals is one of the best MongoDB books for beginners.

It’s similar to MongoDB: The Definitive Guide. But instead of covering intermediate and advanced concepts, you’ll stick to the beginner-level stuff.

You’ll jump into cloud computing right away by learning about the cloud database Atlas. Then you’ll learn how to:

✅ modify existing data

✅ add new data into a database

✅ create aggregation pipelines

✅ configure simple clusters

And much, much more.

Throughout the book, you’ll work on a series of mini-projects and exercises. You’ll also work on a bike-sharing app project where you’ll use MongoDB to solve a real-world problem. 🚴

What developers are saying about MongoDB Fundamentals:

… If you’re new to NoSQL databases, MongoDB is pretty much the go-to standard and this book will give you the core knowledge to use and understand it…

Life is Great, MongoDB Developer

📹 Learn MongoDB alongside backend technologies Node and Express with the video course Server-side Development on Coursera.

3. Beginning Node, Express & MongoDB Development

↘️ Ideal for: experienced programmers new to MongoDB, Node and Express
Topics covered: MongoDB, Node, Express

Beginning Node, Express & MongoDB Development shows you how to build a project using Node, Express and MongoDB.

➡️ Beginning Node, Express & MongoDB Development is one of the best MongoDB books for developers on a budget.

This book is for experienced developers new to Node, Express and MongoDB.

You’ll start by building a simple Node application.

In addition to learning Node, you’ll discover elements of Express like middleware and user authentication.

And now for the fun part: MongoDB.

Covering only the essentials, you’ll learn how to apply MongoDB to the book’s hands-on project.

4. MERN Projects for Beginners: Create Five Social Web Apps Using MongoDB, Express, React, and Node

↘️ Ideal for: developers experienced in HTML, CSS and JavaScript
Topics covered: MongoDB, Express, React, Node

Like the book Beginning Node, Express & MongoDB Development, MERN Projects for Beginners takes a hands-on approach to learning.

But here you’ll also learn React while building 5 applications such as a video sharing app, dating site and messaging web app.

➡️ MERN Projects for Beginners shows you how to use the MERN stack to its full potential while building projects.

Geared towards beginners, you’ll learn all that you need to build projects including:

✅ working with React hooks and router

✅ using MongoDB services

✅ creating routes using Node

✅ using different authentication techniques

✅ deploying sites using Firebase hosting

And beyond.

Starting a new project in MERN Projects for Beginners

5. Seven Databases in Seven Weeks: A Guide to Modern Databases and the NoSQL Movement

↘️ Ideal for: NoSQL users, MongoDB newbies
Topics covered: Redis, Neo4J, CouchDB, MongoDB, HBase, Postgres, DynamoDB

Seven Databases in Seven Weeks is a bit different than the other MongoDB books on our list.

Rather than just exploring MongoDB, you’ll explore many databases.

➡️ Seven Databases in Seven Weeks explores modern NoSQL databases to help you navigate data storage challenges.

The databases found here aren’t in any other book on our list (except MongoDB, of course):




✅ MongoDB




For each database, you’ll tackle a real-world problem which highlights its features.

You’ll also discover five database models: relational, key/value, graph, document and columnar.

6. Getting MEAN with Mongo, Express, Angular, and Node

↘️ Ideal for: experienced JavaScript developers
Topics covered: MongoDB, Express, Angular, Node

Getting MEAN delivers pro tips for building robust data-driven web apps.

➡️ Getting MEAN is one of the best MongoDB books for learning the MEAN stack.

The MEAN stack consists of:

✅ MongoDB

✅ Express

✅ Angular

✅ Node

You’ll learn how to develop full-stack web applications.

First you’ll start by building a static site using Express and Node. Then you’ll integrate MongoDB, build an API and add an authentication system.

MEAN stack technologies in Getting Mean

7. Learn MongoDB 4.x: A guide to understanding MongoDB development and administration for NoSQL developers

↘️ Ideal for: Python devs, DevOps engineers, database developers, database administrators, system administrators
Topics covered: MongoDB fundamentals

You should have a basic understanding of Python before reading this book.

Using PyMongo, Learn MongoDB 4.x shows you how to build and manage document-oriented databases.

➡️ Learn MongoDB 4.x is one of the best MongoDB books for NoSQL developers.

After learning how to configure and install MongoDB, you’ll:

✅ build a database-driven website

✅ handle complex queries

✅ perform basic database operations

✅ perform administration tasks

And much more.

8. Mastering MongoDB 4.x

↘️ Ideal for: experienced MongoDB developers
Topics covered: advanced querying techniques, integration, deployment

Mastering MongoDB 4.x will show you how to administer and scale database applications.

We think this is a great companion book for Learn MongoDB 4.x.

➡️ Mastering MongoDB 4.x is one of the best MongoDB books for experienced developers.

In this book, you’ll learn how to build and manage database applications using MongoDB. You’ll also discover various administration techniques.

In addition, you’ll learn how to:

✅ deploy MongoDB on Kubernetes

✅ master replication and data sharding

✅ configure and monitor a scalable MongoDB environment

✅ perform advanced querying techniques

And more.

Finally, you’ll become comfortable using MongoDB in IoT, mobile and the cloud.

9. MongoDB Complete Guide

↘️ Ideal for: MongoDB newbies, software administrators, software developers
Topics covered: CRUD operations, commands, sharding

MongoDB Complete Guide is another MongoDB book for absolute beginners.

➡️ MongoDB Complete Guide is a step-by-step guide packed with examples, illustrations and explanations of MongoDB fundamentals.

After learning the basics, you’ll explore:

✅ performing CRUD operations

✅ performing indexing, data replication and aggregation

✅ end-to-end administration, authentication and authorization

✅ running backups and restoring

And beyond.

In addition, you’ll learn about some advanced concepts like Compass, replication and sharding.

10. MERN Quick Start Guide: Build web applications with MongoDB, Express, React, and Node

↘️ Ideal for: experienced JavaScript developers
Topics covered: MongoDB, Express, React, Node

MERN Quick Start Guide shows you how to learn, understand and build full-stack applications.

➡️ MERN Quick Start Guide is one of the best MongoDB books for learning the MERN stack.

MERN Quick Start Guide is similar to MERN Projects for Beginners. For example, you’ll work on building applications in both books.

But in MERN Quick Start Guide, you’ll work on some different aspects of the MERN stack such as:

✅ building RESTful APIs with Express and Mongoose

✅ using Socket.IO to build real-time applications

✅ using Redux to manage synchronous and asynchronous data flows

And more.

11. MongoDB Administration: The Comprehensive Guide to Administering MongoDB Database

↘️ Ideal for: database developers, administrators, application developers
Topics covered: MongoDB administration

MongoDB administration is the process of maintaining and managing the MongoDB database.

As a result, MongoDB Administration is different than the other MongoDB books on our list.

➡️ MongoDB Administration shows you how to administer MongoDB with real-world practices and examples.

After learning the fundamentals of MongoDB, you’ll get a comprehensive introduction to MongoDB administration concepts such as:

✅ sharding

✅ aggregation

✅ replication

And beyond.

Code snippet in MongoDB Administration

12. Beginning MEAN Stack Development (MongoDB, Express, Angular, Node)

↘️ Ideal for: experienced JavaScript developers
Topics covered: MongoDB, Express, Angular, Node

Beginning MEAN Stack Development covers the essentials of the MEAN stack with tons of hands-on coding exercises.

➡️ Beginning MEAN Stack Development is one of the best MongoDB books covering the MEAN stack.

Like Getting MEAN, you’ll learn about MongoDB, Express, Angular and Node. But with Beginning MEAN Stack Development, you’ll create a movie review app using the MEAN stack.

You’ll start with an overview of MongoDB. As you progress, you’ll dive into Express, Angular and Node.

Throughout the book you’ll work on building your movie review app while discovering:

✅ routes

✅ models

✅ components

And more.

Finally you’ll learn how to host and deploy the frontend. And deploy the backend on Heroku.

13. MongoDB on AWS: MongoDB Quick Start

↘️ Ideal for: AWS professionals, cloud computing students
Topics covered: MongoDB applications, deployment

MongoDB on AWS is a quick start step-by-step guide to deploying MongoDB applications to the cloud.

➡️ MongoDB on AWS is the official Amazon Web Services documentation for MongoDB.

You’ll learn about:

✅ architecture

✅ deployment options and steps

✅ testing MongoDB

✅ backing up your data

✅ security

And beyond.

Best MongoDB Books: Conclusion

Let’s quickly recap some of the MongoDB books we featured in our post.

Today we looked at the best MongoDB books including:

🔥 Best Overall 🔥
MongoDB: The Definitive Guide

💥 Best for Newbies 💥

MongoDB Fundamentals

💸 Best Value 💸

Beginning Node, Express & MongoDB Development

So whether you’re looking for a top-shelf guide or something a little more budget-friendly, we think these are the best MongoDB books out there.

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