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Guess how much Vue’s developer makes every month?

It’s no secret that software developers can make beaucoup bucks.

But just how big are we talking? Well, the developer of Vue has an ongoing Patreon campaign, and the numbers are looking pretty legit.

Evan You is the developer responsible for Vue, a frontend JavaScript framework.

In many ways easier to learn than React, Angular, and other popular frameworks, in addition to having some impressive performance metrics, Vue took GitHub by storm and has been one of the hottest JavaScript developments in recent memory.

official vue js badge
Vue’s official badge.

But Vue is open source, which means that it’s free for anybody to use. So how in the heck does its developer make money from it?

Well, with a simple Patreon page Evan was able to secure over $17,000 per month in funding in June 2019. From developers chipping in $10 per month to larger organizations pledging hundreds, Evan was able to raise enough money solely on Patreon so that he can work comfortably on the project full time.

Evan You Vue Patreon
Evan You’s Vue Patreon page.

But that’s not all.

In addition to his Patreon funding, Evan’s Vue project is getting financial support through Paypal and Bitcoin. There are no doubt other revenue streams coming in as well! It goes to show how profitable a project can be, even if it’s open source and free to the public.

Provide value, provide a solution to a problem and the money will follow: even if there’s no price tag on it. 

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