What is a junior developer anyway? 3 ingredients for job success

What is a Junior Developer anyway? 3 ingredients for job success in 2023

Hey everybody! We all know there are tons of techie positions and titles and levels and tiers. With each of these comes a specific set of expectations.

So how do you know who does what?

I don’t wanna look like a dummy

Being confident in the direction you’re heading and knowing what you’re doing is a must.

Today we’ll look at a typical day in the life of a junior developer.

So what is a junior developer anyway?

As a junior developer you’re someone with 3 or less years experience in any particular platform and are not quite ready to work independently.

You’re wide-eyed swimming in code juggling pee breaks vs. caffeine consumption.

You want to impress the boss and senior devs.

“I’m gonna code more code than any coder has ever coded…”

First you have to master exactly what the heck it is you’re expected to do as a junior developer.

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Okay, you got the job. Now what?

No matter the size of the team, being effective in your role is super important.

You need to know what you should be doing.

Let’s take a look at the important factors of being the FNG (freakin’ new guy) in the exciting world of web development.

There are three major components of being a junior developer:

1. Know your source code. 2. Squash the bugs. 3. Work as a team.

These are crucial building blocks to establish yourself within the team you’re working with.

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If you can master these 3 key steps you will put yourself miles ahead of your competition.

If you know how to code but still haven’t landed a job there are plenty of resources you can utilize.


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Join communities on Discord.

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Now let’s get to the core of what you can expect to focus on every day.

1. Know your Source Code as a Junior Developer

You can’t build a roof with a bucket of paint. Same goes with coding. You can’t bring Windows 95 to a Linux party.

As a junior developer, it’s your responsibility to make sure all the small stuff works (source code) before it goes into the big stuff (codebase).

2. Squash the Bugs!

Learn to love debugging. You will be doing it all the time.

You get to do all the fun stuff nobody else wants to – clean the code. It will take forever and you will feel like a rube but that Chevy ’57 doesn’t look good unless somebody polishes the chrome…

Closeup of red 1957 Chevy
The Junior Developer must impress!

You may literally be the person who determines whether the “add to cart” button works or if your company loses the account. Yes, it’s that serious.

3. Work as a Team

Let’s face it.

You’re not going to be working alone.

RealToughCandy highlights this reality below:

Coding apps and websites takes team work so communication is ESSENTIAL. We all have inflated egos at one time or another. It’s easy to get your feathers ruffled when someone meddles with your creation.

Until you’re able to program the entirety of Call of Duty by yourself, you have to make sacrifices to your code (and pride).  

“The strength of the team is each individual member. The strength of each member is the team.” – Phil Jackson, NBA Championship Coach

Being prepared will put you on the right path to becoming a junior developer.

Effectively navigating the database while spotting bugs AND getting along with your coworkers will set you up for success.

Accomplish these 3 things. Fine tune your skills and improve them. Repeat as necessary.