23 leetcode alternatives you need this year [courses, platforms, books]

23 LeetCode Alternatives You Need in 2023 [Courses, Platforms, Books]

LeetCode alternatives are in high demand these days, for various reasons.

Maybe you don’t like the LeetCode layout. Or maybe you’re bored with the types of coding questions they ask.

And maybe, just maybe, you finished every single last question on there.

No matter what the reason, you’re ready to move on.

So today we’re looking at 23 LeetCode alternatives to keep you coding.

We’re looking at:

  • courses
  • platforms
  • books

So there really is something for every software engineer.

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TLDR: LeetCode Alternatives

Today we’re looking at the best LeetCode alternatives based on the following criteria:

🔥 Best Course 🔥
Grokking the Coding Interview: Educative.io

💥 Best Platform 💥

🚨 Best Book 🚨
Cracking the Coding Interview

LeetCode Alternatives: Courses and Platforms

1. AlgoExpert

AlgoExpert is one of the best LeetCode alternatives for programmers preparing for their coding interview.

With this video-based platform, you’ll work on over 150 algorithm problems ranging from Easy to Very Hard.

Some of the concepts you’ll work on include:

  • arrays
  • graphs
  • binary trees
  • searching and sorting
  • stacks

And beyond.

There’s a 4-pane integrated workspace where you’ll:

  • read the prompt
  • use the scratchpad
  • see AlgoExpert solutions
  • watch the video explanation
4-pane integrated workstation environment in AlgoExpert
4-pane integrated workspace on AlgoExpert

You can work on problems in 9 programming languages:


You’ll get a Certificate once you complete all the questions on AlgoExpert.

💰 Cost: $99 per year / $139 per year for AlgoExpert and SystemsExpert

Read our full AlgoExpert review.

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2. SystemsExpert

SystemsExpert has a similar layout to AlgoExpert. But instead of algorithm questions, you’ll work on a series of 10 systems design problems.

First you’ll learn about systems design fundamentals. Then you’ll learn how to design scalable, real-world applications.

Some of the problems include designing:

  • Facebook Newsfeed
  • Google Drive
  • The Reddit API
  • Slack

And beyond.

Similar to AlgoExpert, you’ll work on all problems in the 4-pane integrated workspace which contains:

  • prompt
  • scratchpad
  • video solution
  • solution walkthrough
4-pane integrated workspace with top left prompt, top right scratchpad, bottom left video solution, bottom right solution walkthrough
4-pane integrated workspace on SystemsExpert

You’ll get a Certificate of Completion after you successfully complete all SystemsExpert problems.

💰 Cost: $79 per year / $139 per year for AlgoExpert and SystemsExpert

Read our full SystemsExpert review.

Use promo code realtoughcandy at checkout and SAVE 10% on SystemsExpert.

3. Grokking the Coding Interview: Educative.io

Grokking the Coding Interview is another one of our favorite LeetCode alternatives.

But instead of giving you a bunch of coding problems to solve, you’ll learn about 16 patterns for coding questions. The idea is that by learning these patterns, you’ll be able to solve almost any programming problem.

And these patterns have helped plenty of students pass their FAANG-level interviews. So if you’re preparing for your your coding interview, Grokking the Coding Interview may be one of the best LeetCode alternatives for you.

Smallest subarray problem in the course Grokking the Coding Interview on Educative.io

Some of the coding patterns include:

  • Sliding Window
  • Cyclic Sort
  • Two Heaps
  • Subsets
  • Topological Sort

And more.

Educative.io has an interactive learning environment. So instead of watching videos, you’ll work on 125 exercises in the 1063 coding playgrounds provided.

In addition, there are over 200 illustrations to clarify concepts throughout the course.

You can solve problems in Java, JavaScript, Python and C++.

💰 Cost: $79 per year for the course / $59 per month or $199 per year ($16.66/mo) for access to all courses

Read our full Grokking the Coding Interview review.

4. Coderust: Hacking the Coding Interview: Educative.io

Coderust: Hacking the Coding Interview is another bangin’ course on Educative.io. But unlike Grokking the Coding Interview, you will work on over 80 programming problems seen at actual interviews.

Some concepts you’ll work on include:

  • arrays
  • linked lists
  • strings
  • trees
  • graphs

And beyond.

code playground on Educative
Coding playground in the course Coderust: Hacking the Coding Interview on Educative.io

And with Educative.io’s interactive learning environment, you’ll work on over 400 challenges in 580 playgrounds. In addition, you’ll find over 1500 illustrations to clarify concepts.

Solutions are available in Java, JavaScript, Ruby, Python and C++.

💰 Cost: $79 per year for the course / $59 per month or $199 per year ($16.66/mo) for access to all courses

Read our full Coderust: Hacking the Coding Interview review.

5. Edabit Pro

Edabit is a gamified coding challenge platform with over 10,000 coding problems.

First you’ll get your instructions. Then you’ll work on solving the problem with Edabit’s embedded code editor.

Easy JavaScript problem on Edabit Pro

After that, you’ll find a series of resources related to the problem.

And if you’re still stuck or just want to chat, there’s a comments section for every problem.

You can solve problems in 8 programming languages:


Problems range from Very Easy to Expert.

In addition to challenges, there are tutorials and a practice section.

If you’re looking for LeetCode alternatives that have a similar setup, Edabit may be the platform for you.

💰 Cost: Free for limited access / $39 per month / $120 per year / $299 for lifetime access

6. Introduction to Algorithms in Python: RealToughCandy.io

RealToughCandy.io is a newbie-friendly learning platform with a mix of free and paid courses.

All courses on RealToughCandy.io are video-based.

Python developer interview headshot of Joy
Joy Brock, Instructor

This means you’ll do all work on your local computer.

Introduction to Algorithms in Python is a free course.

It’s taught by Joy Brock, a skillful (and funny) Pythonista.

Joy uses a mix of humor and expertise to walk you through both easy and challenging lessons.

Before taking this course, you should understand Python basics like:

📌 loops

📌 functions

📌 variables

And beyond.

This course can benefit new software developers.

But it may also appeal to “pre-FAANG” preppers or aspiring machine learning engineers.

You’ll find five vital components in this course:

✅ divide & conquer

✅ data structures

✅ greedy algorithms

✅ dynamic programming

✅ recursive algorithms

You don’t need any previous experience with algorithms to take this course.

The entire Introduction to Algorithms in Python course is about 2 hours of video runtime.

Lesson in Introduction to Algorithms in Python on RealToughCandy.io

In that time, you’ll find over 15 coding challenges like:

✅ permutations

✅ fractional knapsack problem

✅ traveling salesman problem

✅ factorials

And beyond.

Problems start at “Easy” and graduate to “Mindbreaker.”

Sample of problem with explanation in Introduction to Algorithms in Python on RealToughCandy.io

There are also 60+ multiple choice questions.

💰 Cost: FREE

7. Pass the Technical Interview with Python Skill Path: Codecademy

Pass the Technical Interview with Python is a little different than other LeetCode alternatives.

Instead of a list of problems, you’ll work through a Skill Path. A Skill Path is a combination of multiple courses that typically take a few months to complete.

So first you’ll build up a strong foundation in Python.

Then you’ll work on a series of challenges and projects as you progress through the courses. You’ll also work on a series of mini projects.

3 project titles with thumbnails
Some projects you’ll work on in the skill path Pass the Technical Interview with Python on Codecademy Pro

Some of what you’ll work on includes:

  • big-O notation
  • data structures
  • recursion
  • search and sort algorithms

And much more.

Then you’ll learn how to pass the technical interview using Python.

Codecademy Pro is an interactive learning environment. So you’ll work on all exercises and challenges in the same browser.

In addition, you’ll also watch the occasional video to introduce or clarify concepts.

💰 Cost: $39.99 per month / $239.88 per month ($19.99/year) for full platform access

8. Data Structures and Algorithms Specialization: Coursera

Using a mix of theory and practice, you’ll work on 100 coding problems in the Data Structures and Algorithms Specialization. A Specialization is like a Skill Path because instead of 1 course, there are multiple.

In this case, there are 6 courses.

You’ll learn how to solve problems using:

  • greedy algorithms
  • binary search
  • sorting
  • dynamic programming

And beyond.

In addition, you’ll learn how to use graph and string algorithms to solve real-world problems.

Then you’ll learn about data structures like stacks, queues, and binary search trees.

You’ll also learn about some advanced techniques such as maximum flow and linear programming.

Finally, you’ll work on a final large programming challenge: Genome Assembly. This challenge uses data from a real-world scenario.

Coursera is a video-based learning platform. So that means you’ll do most work outside the browser.

However, there are multiple choice quizzes you’ll work on directly on the platform.

💰 Cost: $49 per month

9. HackerRank

HackerRank is one of the most commonly found LeetCode alternatives. There are plenty of similarities, but a few differences as well.

We actually wrote a huge article showcasing HackerRank alternatives.

In this gamified learning environment, you’ll work on user-submitted practice questions.

HackerRank anagrams problem with function description when considering AlgoExpert vs LeetCode vs HackerRank
Programming problem on HackerRank

In addition, you can work on HackerRank contests which pit you against other users.

There are 23 programming languages supported including:

  • C
  • C++
  • Clojure
  • Java
  • JavaScript
  • Python 3
  • Ruby
  • Swift

And many more.

In addition to practice questions and competitions, HackerRank offers certifications. However, these are not accredited.

Fun fact: HackerRank now offers dark mode.

💰 Cost: HackerRank is free to all students.

10. CheckiO

CheckiO is one of the more engaging Leetcode alternatives if you like learning while playing games.

Using Python or TypeScript, you’ll explore islands, sail the seas and more as you complete challenges.

As you level up, you’ll unlock more islands and more challenges. You’ll also get points and badges in this gamified learning environment.

It’s all fun and games until someone can’t reverse a linked list. The coding environment is just as serious as any, and the problems can be very challenging.

💰 Cost: Free

11. Coderbyte

Coderbyte offers a series of coding challenges in their challenge library. For these hundreds of challenges, there are user solutions and a discussion board. Some challenges also have video solutions.

In addition to challenges, they have starter courses and interview kits.

Some of the starter courses include learning specific programming languages in one week.

Some of the interview kits include FAANG interview prep, algorithms and data structures and React interview prep.

💰 Cost: Free / $35 per month or $150 per year to upgrade

12. Code Wars

Code Wars is interesting because you have to pass a coding test before you can even sign up.

You can practice questions in 55 programming languages including:

  • C++
  • Java
  • JavaScript
  • PHP
  • Ruby

Plus you’ll get into some more obscure languages like CoffeeScript, Crystal, and Racket.

Skiponacci Sequence coding problem with instructions and integrated coding environment
Student learning environment on Code Wars

In this highly gamified environment, you’ll work on hundreds of programming challenges of varying difficulty, or kata.

With this sophisticated ranking system, this is one of the more competitive LeetCode alternatives we’ve come across.

💰 Cost: Free

13. Rankk

Rankk is another gamified learning environment where you’ll ascend to 9 levels of difficulty. You’ll do this by solving a series of challenges at each level.

Problems are related to:

  • programming
  • mathematics
  • logic puzzles
  • cryptography

And beyond.

Similar to Code Wars, you have to pass a challenge before you can start your Rankk journey.

Programming challenges are presented in Python 3.

💰 Cost: Free

14. Project Euler

Project Euler contains a series of mathematical and computer programming problems. It was created to be a recreational supplement to learning programming.

There are over 750 problems ranging from easy to hard.

Many of the problems have an overview PDF to walk you through the challenge.

And once you’ve solved a problem, you’ll gain access to a thread where you can discuss the problem with other challenge seekers.

For ever 25 problems you get correct, you’ll advance to the next level. There are also awards you’ll receive for reaching certain milestones.

Challenges are currently being solved in over 100 programming languages.

💰 Cost: Free

15. Sphere Online Judge

Sphere Online Judge is one of those LeetCode alternatives with a similar layout to HackerRank.

In this gamified environment, you’ll compete for status.

You’ll find thousands of programming problems on Sphere Online Judge. They’re rated by difficulty level, and you can chat with other challenge-seekers.

You’ll also find occasional contests where you can compete for rank against other devs.

List of problems on Sphere Online Judge

💰 Cost: Free

16. CodeChef

CodeChef is broken down into a simple formula:

  • practice and learn
  • compete
  • discuss

So first you’ll get your skills up to snuff by working on various programming problems in over 35 programming languages.

Then you’ll get points and climb in ranking as you get more and more problems right.

After that, you can choose to compete with other learners. Prizes vary based on the competition.

And finally, there’s a discussion forum where you can ham it up with other devs. You’ll also be able to chat with the CodeChef team.

💰 Cost: Free

17. CodinGame

CodinGame is another challenge-based, gamified programming platform. It supports over 25 programming languages.

You can practice independently, or work on a multiplayer coding challenge.

Every concept is presented as a different game.

Easy gaming problem on CodinGame

In addition, you can compete in CodinGame challenges. There’s a leaderboard where you’ll compete with other devs to come out on top.

💰 Cost: Free

LeetCode Alternatives: Books

Books can be excellent LeetCode alternatives, especially if you are practicing for programming interviews.

Here are a few books with plenty of problems you can practice with.

18. Cracking the Coding Interview

If you’re looking for LeetCode alternatives to practice for your coding interview, there’s no better book than Cracking the Coding Interview.

Author Gayle Laakmann McDowell is a former interviewer and software engineer at Google, and she knows her stuff.

In Cracking the Coding Interview, you’ll find 189 programming problems with solutions. In addition, you’ll get step-by-step walkthroughs and hints similar to ones you’d get at actual coding interviews.

You’ll also learn 5 strategies to solve almost any algorithm question.

Cracking the Coding Interview book laying on dry cracked earth
Cracking the Coding Interview by Gayle Laakmann McDowell

There’s also extensive coverage of big-O notation and data structures.

In addition to questions, there’s a section on how to prepare for coding interviews.

Most solutions are written in Java. So if you’re not fluent in Java, this probably isn’t the right book for you.

Want to know more? Read our full Cracking the Coding Interview review.

19. Programming Interviews Exposed

Programming Interviews Exposed is one of the better Leetcode alternatives when it comes to books.

Similar to Cracking the Coding Interview, Programming Interviews Exposed by John Mongan, et al., you’ll get interview tips.

But more importantly, you’ll work on over 50 programming problems that contain solutions and detailed explanations.

You’ll work on problems related to:

  • linked lists
  • trees and graphs
  • arrays and strings
  • recursion
  • sorting
  • concurrency

And beyond.

inside of programming interviews exposed with table and code
Lesson on recursion in Programming Interviews Exposed

There’s also coverage of object-oriented programming, design patterns and databases.

In addition to standard programming problems, you’ll have the option to work on a series of brainteasers that may come up at programming interviews.

There’s also brief coverage of data science.

20. System Design Interview

system design books system design interview cover with blue background

The system design interview is often considered to be one of the most difficult parts of a technical job interview.

So if you’re looking for Leetcode alternatives to practice system design questions, you’ve come to the right place.

System Design interview by Alex Xu contains 16 system design problems asked at actual interviews. You’ll learn a 4-step process to solve any system design question.

Some problems include designing:

  • a rate limiter
  • a key-value store
  • YouTube
  • a Web crawler
  • a chat system

And beyond.

Each problem contains a detailed solution walkthrough. And there are 188 diagrams to illustrate how systems work.

🏁 Ready to dive into more problems? Check out Alex Xu’s latest release System Design Interview – An Insider’s Guide: Volume 2.

21. Elements of Programming Interviews in Java

Elements of Programming Interviews in Java by Adnan Aziz, et al. is one of the best LeetCode alternatives for Java enthusiasts.

Elements of Programming Interviews in Java coding interview books cover

The book starts by summarizing the nontechnical aspects of interviews, but you’ll quickly move on to programming interview questions.

There are over 250 problems with detailed solution walkthroughs. In addition, you’ll find 200 figures to illustrate concepts.

You’ll also find 300 tested programs and 150 variants.

The coding problems presented cover:

  • basic and advanced data structures
  • searching and sorting
  • algorithm design principles
  • concurrency

Each chapter contains a case study, tips, and library methods. Then you’ll work on a series of problems.

Java not your preferred programming language? Check out Programming Interview Questions in Python or Programming Interview Questions in C++.

22. The Algorithm Design Manual

The Algorithm Design Manual cover with various shapes

The Algorithm Design Manual by Steven Skiena focuses on taking the mystery out of designing algorithms. So you’ll focus on that instead of analysis.

The first part of the book provides methods for designing and analyzing algorithms. The second part of the book focuses on algorithmic resources and implementations.

There are over 100 new problems in The Algorithm Design Manual, and you’ll learn how to best implement them in C, C++ and Java.

You’ll also identify 75 of the most commonly found algorithmic problems.

Some of these include problems that have been taken from sites like LeetCode and HackerRank.

23. Daily Coding Problem

Daily Coding Problem in white with seafoam background

Daily Coding Problem by Alex Miller and Lawrence Wu is intended to help programmers prepare for coding interviews by working on one coding problem every day.

The book is separated into 4 sections:

  • Data Structures
  • Algorithms
  • Applications
  • Design

Problems cover all sorts of programming concepts like:

  • linked lists
  • arrays
  • heaps
  • trees
  • randomized algorithms
  • system design

And much more.

Each problem contains a detailed solution walkthrough.

LeetCode Alternatives: Conclusion

Today we looked at LeetCode alternatives:

Best Course
Grokking the Coding Interview: Educative.io

Best Platform

Best Book
Cracking the Coding Interview

So no matter how you prefer to learn, we think there are Leetcode alternatives for every programmer.

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