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MLExpert Review: AlgoExpert’s New Machine Learning Course

What is MLExpert?

MLExpert is a new machine learning interview prep course HOT off the presses over at AlgoExpert. So naturally we were suspicious curious to see if it lived up to AlgoExpert’s reputation.

They’ve done this to us once before with SystemsExpert, and we were not disappointed… From the 4-pane integrated workspace to the tireless video explanations, SystemsExpert had it all.

So how does MLExpert live up to its big brothers?

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TLDR: MLExpert Review

🔥 MLExpert is the latest machine learning powerhouse of a platform by AlgoExpert.
And it has it all:

💥 ML crash course
💥 ML coding questions
💥 Large-Scale ML course
💥 ML design questions
💥 ML quiz

🎖️ And once you’re finished, you get that shiny, coveted Certificate of Completion.

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⚠️ Note: MLExpert falls under the umbrella of the AlgoExpert platform. So when you get to the AlgoExpert landing page, click on the Products button and select MLExpert.

Click on the Products drop-down menu to find MLExpert

Is MLExpert worth it?

In a word? Yes.

In many words? Holy smokes MLExpert kicks some serious @$$!

But you probably need a little more information than that. So let’s take a look at its:

  • features
  • cost
  • competition

Then you can see all the awesomeness and decide if MLExpert is right for you.

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Who is MLExpert for?

MLExpert is for three types of machine learners:

  • machine learning interview preppers
  • experienced ML professionals who want to build their skills
  • professionals with no ML background that want to be conversational in ML

So no matter your skill level, there’s something for just about every machine learning student.

MLExpert Review: Features

MLExpert hosts two courses, coding and design questions and more. Let’s dig into these delicious offerings… 🥧

Machine Learning Crash Course

In MLExpert’s Machine Learning Crash Course, you’ll learn about the fundamentals of machine learning such as supervised, unsupervised and deep learning.

K Nearest Neighbors lesson in the Machine Learning Crash Course on MLExpert

There are 18 video modules covering:

  • Naive Bayes
  • K Nearest Neighbors
  • Singular Value Decomposition
  • Neural Networks

And much, much more.

By the end of this course, you’ll have all the basics you’ll need to ace the machine learning interview.

Machine Learning Coding Questions

There are currently 10 ML coding questions on MLExpert. But don’t let that small number fool you. These aren’t your run-of-the-mill coding questions. You’ll be spending plenty of time working on these tricky treasures.

Some questions include:

  • K Nearest Neighbors
  • Classify Trucks
  • Predict Cancellations
  • Sparse Matrix Multiplication

And more.

The question categories include Math and Model Concepts, Model Applications, and Data Processing.

Integrated Workspace

Now take notice of the amazing integrated workspace on MLExpert:

Classify Trucks machine learning coding question on MLExpert

Within each coding problem you’ll find 3 and 4-pane integrated workspaces. In plain English, an integrated workspace means you have all the tools you need to process and solve problems. MLExpert’s workspace includes windows like:

  • prompt
  • scratchpad
  • solutions
  • video explanations

You’ll also find hints, an area for writing your solutions and another area where you’ll submit your code to see the output in real time.

Then you’ll discover features such as choosing your font size, light/dark mode and syntax highlighting. You can even choose what text editor you’d like to use (Sublime, Emacs or Vim).

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Large Scale Machine Learning Course

The Large Scale Machine Learning Course is a bit more complex than the Machine Learning Crash Course. You need a deeper understanding of specialized machine learning concepts such as experimentation, large-scale training and hosting.

Data Ingestion lesson in the Large Scale Machine Learning course on MLExpert

In this 16-module video course, you’ll discover:

And beyond.

Machine Learning Design Questions

Sometimes at machine learning interviews you’ll come across systems design questions. These questions are intentionally open-ended which can catch a lot of interviewees off guard. In Machine Learning Design Questions, you’ll look at 5 systems design questions frequently asked at machine learning interviews.

They include designing:

  • a machine learning platform
  • Facebook photo tagging
  • a recommendation engine
  • a fraud-detection system
  • a voice assistant
Facebook Photo Tagging question in MLExpert

Once again you’ll find the 4-pane integrated work station where you can work on these problems… in style.

💡 For more systems design questions, check out SystemsExpert.

Machine Learning Quiz

MLExpert has a quiz with 75 curated questions based on machine learning concepts and technologies.

MLExpert Certificate

Certificates are awarded after you successfully complete all coding questions and pass the quiz.

MLExpert Review: Cost

You can buy MLExpert for $99 per year on the AlgoExpert platform.

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MLExpert vs The Other Guys

So we’ve got a pretty good idea of the feature-rich offerings of MLExpert. But how does it compare to the other guys?

Let’s take a look.

MLExpert vs Grokking the Machine Learning Interview

learning environment Grokking the Machine Learning Interview with syllabus and diagram and text
Entity linking system in the course Grokking the Machine Learning Interview on

Grokking the Machine Learning Interview is a lot different than MLExpert. For starters, you won’t be doing any coding. In fact, you won’t be interacting with the material at all. You won’t find any videos, either. In this course, you’ll be reading… a lot.

But there are over 300 illustrations to keep the material from becoming monotonous.

candidate generation recommendation system with user-media interaction matrix and user and media profile matrices
Recommendation system in the course Grokking the Machine Learning Interview on

After learning practical machine learning techniques, you’ll explore some of the most popular questions asked at machine learning interviews.

Instead of answering trivia questions, you’ll go through the step-by-step process of how to solve each machine learning problem.

So if you learn better by reading and taking it all in, Grokking the Machine Learning Interview might be the better option. But if you thrive with hands-on exercises, MLExpert is the way to go.

🧠 Think Grokking the Machine Learning Interview is more your speed? Sign up for your 7-day free trial on

MLExpert vs Practicing Machine Learning Interview Questions in Python

The hunt for missing values exercise in the course Practicing Machine Learning Interview Questions in Python on DataCamp

Practicing Machine Learning Interview Questions in Python has a bit more in common with MLExpert than Grokking the Machine Learning Interview. Here you’ll be working on plenty of hands-on machine learning exercises as well as watching the occasional video.

In this course, you’ll discover 15 questions asked at actual machine learning interviews based on:

  • data visualization
  • supervised & unsupervised learning
  • model evaluation

And beyond.

And like MLExpert and Grokking the Machine Learning Interview, you’ll find plenty of visuals to help you along.

Data transformation graphs in the course Practicing Machine Learning Interview Questions in Python on DataCamp

One thing you won’t find in this course is machine learning fundamentals. It assumes you are already familiar with them and are preparing for the machine learning interview.

So if you’ve got that machine learning interview on your mind, Practicing Machine Learning Interview Questions in Python might be for you. But if you still need to learn machine learning fundamentals, we think you should stick with MLExpert.

🧠 Think Practicing Machine Learning Interview Questions in Python is more your speed? Sign up on DataCamp.

MLExpert Review: About

clément mihailescu headshot co-founder of algoexpert
Clément Mihailescu

As AlgoExpert enthusiasts know,
Clément Mihailescu is the mover and shaker behind the Algo curtain. He takes a supporting in MLExpert, however, and passes the (Py)Torch to Ryan Doan.

Ryan Doan

Ryan is a former Amazon Machine Learning Infrastructure Engineer. His main role was to build machine learning models to improve the customer experience. With a passion for teaching ML engineers, Doan decided to join the AlgoExpert team in 2020. Thus, MLExpert was born.

MLExpert Review: Conclusion

In today’s MLExpert review, we looked at its features, cost and compared it to other platforms.

And based on our findings, we think MLExpert will prove to be one of the best machine learning interview prep resources available.

  1. What is MLExpert?

    MLExpert is the latest release over at AlgoExpert. It’s a platform for learning machine learning and preparing for the machine learning interview.

  2. Is MLExpert worth it?

    We think MLExpert on AlgoExpert is worth it. You’ll find 2 machine learning courses, coding questions, design questions and a 75-question quiz. It’s meant to teach you machine learning fundamentals as well as prepare you for the machine learning interview.

  3. Is MLExpert part of AlgoExpert?

    Yes, MLExpert is part of AlgoExpert. It’s a collection of machine learning courses and problems that can be purchased separately from AlgoExpert and SystemsExpert.