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30 Best Python Resources for Beginners in 2021 [Learn Python ASAP]

Some of the best Python resources for beginners include:

  • courses
  • books
  • YouTube videos
  • tutorials
  • podasts
  • newsletters

In today’s article, we’ve got all of these.

And we only included the best of the best.

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TLDR: 30 Best Python Resources for Beginners in 2021

Today we reviewed 30 awesome Python resources.

And here are our favorites:

Course: Educative – Learn Python 3 from Scratch
Book: Head First Python
YouTube Video: freeCodeCamp Learn Python – Full Course for Beginners
Tutorial: Learn Python – Free Interactive Tutorial
Podcast: Talk Python to Me
Newsletter: Python Weekly

How about we just dive right into this one…

Also, if you want to navigate the different categories, use the Table of Contents above.

❇️ Python Resources for Beginners: COURSES

1.✨ Educative – Learn Python 3 from Scratch

🔥 Geena’s top pick for Python resources for beginners

⏱️ Estimated Completion Time: 10 Hours

educative logo font with command line
Code Snippets51

Using playgrounds, code snippets, illustrations and quizzes, you’ll learn about Python from the ground up. has no videos. This is so you can absorb information faster… Rather than wasting time scrubbing through endless videos.

Learn Python 3 from Scratch starts off by teaching you what Python is and how to write your first line of code.

Explanation of boolean in the course Learn Python 3 from Scratch on

Also, you’ll learn Python fundamentals before moving to more complex concepts like data structures and libraries.

Because of its interactive learning style and simplistic approach, Learn Python 3 from Scratch is one of our top picks for Python resources for beginners.

💰 Cost

You can get Learn Python 3 from Scratch for free for a limited time.

And if you like the learning style of, sign up to the platform and get access to over 200 courses for $249 per year.

Sign up for the course Learn Python 3
👉 here. 👈

2.✨ Educative – Full Speed Python

⏱️ Estimated Completion Time: 9 Hours

educative logo font with command line
Code Snippets37

While geared towards beginners, Full Speed Python is an accelerated approach to Python. Therefore, it’s recommended for students who are already familiar with programming fundamentals.

As mentioned before, has no videos. So you can learn information faster without watching endless videos.

Full Speed Python focuses on Python 3, the most up-to-date version of Python.

This highly interactive course uses code snippets, playgrounds, challenges and quizzes to reinforce concepts.

Educative student environment with course, modules, lessons and coding examples
Basic data types in the course Full Speed Python on

You’ll start with Python fundamentals such as:

  • basic data types
  • lists
  • functions

From there, you’ll graduate to more complex concepts like:

Full Speed Python is for motivated programmers who learn quickly.

💰 Cost

You can get Full Speed Python for $39 annually.

Otherwise, sign up to the Educative platform and get access to over 200 courses for $249 per year.

Sign up for the course Full Speed Python
👉 here. 👈

3.✨ DataCamp – Introduction to Python

⏱️ Estimated Completion Time: 4 Hours
📝 Lessons: 57
🎥 Videos: 11

DataCamp logo of head with gear brain and DataCamp over gradient blue background

DataCamp uses a blend of videos and interactive lessons to reinforce concepts.

Introduction to Python is a little different than the other Python courses we listed.

It’s geared towards students interested in learning data science. So you will learn Python from a data science approach.

For example, you’ll learn how to store and manipulate data.

In addition, you’ll learn about powerful data science tools you can use to conduct analyses.

Key topics covered include:

  • lists
  • functions and packages
  • NumPy
DataCamp review video explaining the concept round() with man in bottom right corner explaining
Video explanation of Python concepts in the DataCamp course Introduction to Python

So if you want to learn data science, it might be worth getting a subscription to DataCamp.

💰 Cost

For $25 per month, you’ll get access to over 335 courses, skill paths and career paths on the DataCamp platform.

Or for $33.25 per month, you can get a yearly subscription with extras like projects and priority support.

Sign up for the DataCamp course Introduction to Python
👉 here. 👈

Read our review of Introduction to Python here.

4.✨ Codecademy – Learn Python 3

⏱️ Estimated Completion Time: 25 Hours
📝 Lessons: 55

codecademy logo

Using a combination of lessons, quizzes and projects, Learn Python 3 starts with general programming fundamentals.

It covers key concepts in Python such as:

  • syntax
  • functions
  • control flow

And more.

Length of a list instructions and code editor in Learn Python 3 course from Codecademy Pro
Length of a List and embedded code editor in the Codecademy course Learn Python 3

Then you’ll work on some more complex topics such as:

  • dictionaries
  • classes
  • function arguments

And beyond.

Also, there are some videos to explain more difficult concepts like tuples.

💰 Cost

You can get a monthly subscription to Codecademy Pro for $40 per month.

Or you can purchase a yearly subscription for $20 per month.

Sign up for the Codecademy Pro course Learn Python 3

Read our review on Learn Python 3 here.

5.✨ Zero to Mastery – Complete Python Developer in 2021

⏱️ Estimated Completion Time: 30 Hours

zero to mastery logo with green and pink connecting brackets

Complete Python Developer in 2021 is a course for absolute beginners.

With over 30 hours of video, you’ll learn about beginner, intermediate and advanced Python topics.

In addition, you’ll build 12 real-world Python projects.

Similar to DataCamp, you’ll also learn about data science and machine learning concepts.

💰 Cost

You can access all courses on Zero to Mastery for $29 per month.

Or with a yearly subscription, you can get extra perks for $264 annually.

Sign up for the Zero to Mastery course Complete Python Developer in 2021
👉 here. 👈
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Read our full review on Complete Python Developer in 2021 here.

❇️ Python Resources for Beginners: BOOKS

6.✨ Learn Python Programming

Learn Python Programming is a bit different from your typical programming book.

It teaches Python basics using interactive tutorials and hands-on projects.

You’ll begin by learning Python fundamentals.

In addition, you’ll explore the foundations of Python and learn how it can be manipulated.

Then you’ll learn about:

  • best approaches
  • debugging
  • performance optimization
  • writing reusable code

And much more.

Pick up your copy of Learn Python Programming for about $35
👉 here. 👈

7.✨ Python Crash Course

Python Crash Course is another book with a project-based approach to programming in Python.

The first half of the book covers basic programming concepts like variables, loops and lists. In addition, you’ll practice writing code with multiple exercises.

The second half of the book contains 3 projects:

  • Space Invaders-style arcade game
  • data visualizations with Python libraries
  • deploy a web app

This best-seller is fast-paced.

Pick up your copy of Python Crash Course for about $22
👉 here. 👈

8.✨ Head First Python

🔥 Geena’s top pick for Python resources for beginners

Head First Python is jam-packed with fun illustrations, quirky fonts and tons of examples.

With this fun approach, learning Python fundamentals is almost a breeze.

Also, once you’ve got the basics down, you’ll start working on more complex concepts like:

  • building your own web app
  • database management
  • data wrangling

And beyond.

Your brain is sure to be stimulated with the learning methods used in Head First Python.

Pick up your copy of Head First Python for about $40
👉 here. 👈

9.✨ Learning Python

Learning Python is geared towards students with absolutely no programming experience.

With illustrations, exercises and quizzes, this book teaches Python 2 and Python 3.

You’ll learn about:

In addition, you’ll learn how to write large programs.

Also, Learning Python touches on advanced topics like processing Unicode, descriptors and metaclasses.

Pick up your copy of Learning Python for about $44
👉 here. 👈

10.✨ Python for Beginners

Python for Beginners is a crash course guide to learn Python in 1 week.

You’ll learn the absolute basics like:

  • Python background
  • how to install Python
  • interacting with Python

And then you’ll move on to beginner concepts such as:

  • booleans
  • for loops
  • constructing classes
  • defining objects

By the end of this course-like book, you will be able to complete simple Python projects.

Keep in mind that you will learn Python fundamentals in this guide. But you will not have a complete comprehension of Python concepts.

Pick up your copy of Python for Beginners for about $20
👉 here. 👈

❇️ Python Resources for Beginners: YOUTUBE VIDEOS

11.✨ freeCodeCamp Learn Python – Full Course for Beginners [Tutorial]

🔥 Geena’s top pick for Python resources for beginners

Learn Python -Full Course for Beginners by freeCodeCamp is about 4 1/2 hours long.

In that time, you’ll learn about absolute basics such as:

  • installing Python
  • setting up Python
  • Hello World

And beyond.

Also, you’ll learn about core concepts in Python such as:

  • if statements
  • for loops
  • lists
  • functions

And much more.

12.✨ Python Tutorial – Python for Beginners [Full Course]

Python Tutorial – Python for Beginners is a 6 hour course by Programming with Mosh.

In that time, you’ll learn how to install Python and execute code.

Then you’ll work on core concepts in Python.

In addition, you’ll build games, create a usable function and generate random values.

Finally, you’ll work on 3 projects:

  • Automation with Python
  • Machine Learning with Python
  • Building a Website with Django

13.✨ Python Tutorial for Beginners

Python Tutorial for Beginners by Telusko is a 110-video playlist.

Each tackles a new topic in Python.

You’ll learn Python fundamentals like:

  • tuples
  • dictionaries
  • arrays
  • loops

And much, much more.

Then you’ll work on complex concepts like:

  • bubble sort
  • Python GitHub code contribution
  • zip function
  • socket programming

14.✨ Python As Fast as Possible – Learn Python in ~75 Minutes

Pay attention to the name, because the aim of this Python tutorial is to teach you as fast as possible.

Clocking in at about 75 minutes, you’ll whiz through various Python concepts.

And while the video is a speedy whizbang, you’ll be spending much more time on learning concepts outside of the video.

It just explains the concepts, but it’s your job to spend time familiarizing yourself with them.

15.✨ Learn Python by Building Five Games – Full Course

Learn Python by Building Five Games is another gem by freeCodeCamp.

Clocking in at almost 7 hours, you’ll learn Python while building five different games:

  1. Pong
  2. Snake
  3. Connect Four
  4. Tetris
  5. Online Multiplayer Game

❇️ Python Resources for Beginners: TUTORIALS

16.✨ The Python Tutorial (Official)

The Python Tutorial introduces the basic concepts of Python.

But it doesn’t cover all features and concepts. Rather it introduces some of Python’s most commonly used features.

The tutorial is intended to give you a general understanding of Python. In addition, you’ll be able to read and write Python programs.

17.✨ Python Basics

Python Basics uses examples to teach you how to write Python code.

You’ll start with the basics of Python like strings and variables.

In addition, you’ll learn some more advanced concepts like:

  • object oriented programming
  • audio (text to speech)
  • plotting

And much more.

Furthermore, you’ll learn about GUI bindings like PyQt and GUI builders like TKinter.

18.✨ Python Tutorials – Real Python

With Python Tutorials, you can select tutorials based on topic and difficulty.

And there are plenty of basic Python tutorials.

Some tutorials are text-based while others are video-based.

Some topics include:

  • Formatting Python Strings
  • Simplify Looping with Counters
  • The Python Return Statement
  • Numbers in Python
  • Find & Fix Code Bugs in Python

And much more.

19.✨ Learn Python – Free Interactive Tutorial

🔥 Geena’s top pick for Python resources for beginners

Learn Python has over 26 interactive Python tutorials.

They cover beginner, advanced and data science tutorials.

Beginner concepts include strings, conditions, loops and functions.

Also, keep in mind that these tutorials are interactive. So you’ll be able to use the embedded code editor to practice coding.

20.✨ Python Tutorial – A Complete Guide

The Python Tutorial – A Complete Guide by TechBeamers touts itself as a one-stop guide for Python newbies.

Each Python concept has its own complete tutorial.

In addition to reading, there are ample code snippets.

Also, there are Python:

  • interview questions
  • quizzes
  • tips and tricks

❇️ Python Resources for Beginners: PODCASTS

21.✨ Python Bytes

Co-hosts Michael and Brian cover everything from Python basics to advanced topics in this lively podcast.

Python Bytes has hundreds of episodes covering all things Python.

The downside is that you can’t look up podcasts by topic. Also, many of the podcast topics aren’t clearly defined by the title.

22.✨ Talk Python to Me

🔥 Geena’s top pick for Python resources for beginners

Talk Python to Me is a fun podcast largely due to their expansive guests in the field.

In addition, there are hundreds of episodes and the topics are clearly defined.

Definitely check out Talk Python to Me for a professional, engaging experience.

23.✨ The Python Podcast.__init__

This is a unique podcast in that it seems more… sophisticated than most podcasts.

This is included in our list of Python resources for beginners. But we recommend becoming familiar with Python before diving into this podcast.

Otherwise you will be totally lost.

24.✨ The Real Python Podcast

The Real Python Podcast is a weekly podcast hosted by Christopher Bailey.

It offers Python tips and tricks.

Also some related web developer topics.

In addition, there are interviews with industry experts.

25.✨ Teaching Python

Teaching Python is a podcast by two middle school teachers Kelly and Sean.

They wanted to teach kids how to learn Python, so they learned it themselves.

In this podcast, they share their stories about middle schoolers through the lens of Python.

❇️ Python Resources for Beginners: NEWSLETTERS

26.✨ PyCoder’s Weekly

PyCoder’s Weekly is an email newsletter on all things Python development.

In addition, it covers other topics within the Python community.

27.✨ The Real Python Newsletter

Real Python also has a newsletter.

Python developers receive weekly Python programming and career tips.

28.✨ Python Weekly

🔥 Geena’s top pick for Python resources for beginners

Python Weekly is filled with Python news, new releases, articles and more.

In addition, you’ll learn about upcoming webinars.

The newsletter is organized and packed with quality content.

29.✨ Awesome Python Newsletter

Awesome Python really is awesome.

But this is another newsletter where you should be a bit familiar with Python before signing up.

So take a Python course, read a Python book or tutorial, and sign up.

30.✨ Dan’s Python Newsletter

Dan’s Python Newsletter is meant to help you improve your Python skills.

The newsletter goes out every couple days.

And instead of your standard newsletter fare, you’ll get helpful Python tips and tricks.

Best Python Resources for Beginners: Conclusion

So what are the best Python resources for beginners?

Today we showed you 30:

  • courses
  • books
  • YouTube channels
  • tutorials
  • podcasts
  • newsletters

In addition, we picked our favorites from each category:

Course:Educative – Learn Python 3 from Scratch
Book:Head First Python
YouTube Video:freeCodeCamp Learn Python – Full Course for Beginners
Tutorial:Learn Python – Free Interactive Tutorial
Podcast:Talk Python to Me
Newsletter:Python Weekly

Read through them and decide what method of learning is best for you.

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  1. Where can I find Python newsletters?

    Finding Python newsletters can be a bit challenging. But there are some good ones such as PyCoder's Weekly, The Real Python, Python Weekly, Awesome Python, and Dan's Python Newsletter.

  2. What are some good Python courses?

    You can find some good Python courses on platforms like Educative, Codecademy, DataCamp and Zero to Mastery. Some of our favorite Python courses include Learn Python 3 from Scratch and Full Speed Python. Both can be found on

  3. What are some good books on Python programming?

    Some good books on Python programming include Learn Python Programming, Python Crash Course, Head First Python, Learning Python, and Python for Beginners.