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RealToughCandy Discord (link)

Apparently people have been searching for my Discord. Look no further:

(please be sure to read the Code of Conduct once you join [it has it’s own room]. It’s our steering document and the secret to what makes our community amazing).

Welcome aboard!

About: This is the official Discord for RealToughCandy. The RealToughCandy Discord focuses on software development (with an emphasis on web development), and everyone is welcome regardless of ability. We have rooms that range from general chat to more educational & career-oriented rooms like #review-my-portfolio, #job-board and #coding-questions-and-answers.

Also known as the RTC Discord, Real Tough Candy Discord, and totally dope Discord.

Real Tough Candy Discord screenshot of room
All abilities are welcome at the RTC Discord. We have everyone from non-coders to seasoned coding veterans with decades of experience.

While a laid-back community, we have a code of conduct that guides us. It’s pretty standard stuff but for full transparency we also have the document posted on my GitHub.

Welcome to the RealToughCandy Discord

Whether you’re looking for help with a coding question, want to bounce a project idea off somebody besides your pet poodle or just want to hang out with some cool peeps, the RealToughCandy Discord is your spot. Chat soon!