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NEW Stephen Grider Course on Zero to Mastery Review [Typescript: The Complete Developer’s Guide]

You probably know Stephen Grider from the coding circuit. For starters, he’s a well-known instructor at Udemy. In fact, he’s had over 700,000 students there in under 5 years.

Stephen Grider

He also builds JavaScript front ends for companies in Silicon Valley.

Stephen’s got almost 30 courses including:

  • Modern React with Redux
  • Docker and Kubernetes: The Complete Guide
  • Dart and Flutter: The Complete Developer’s Guide (Golang)
  • The Modern Angular Bootcamp

And many more.

But it doesn’t stop there. He’s even paired up with other instructor greats like Colt Steele and Ken Fukuyama.

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TLDR: New TypeScript Course

💥 TypeScript makes JavaScript bearable. It’s a skill employers are increasingly seeking out in 2021. 💥

🔥 And now, Stephen Grider’s teamed up with the guys over at Zero to Mastery to bring you one of his newest courses: TypeScript: The Complete Developer’s Guide. 🔥

But wait… what exactly is TypeScript?

TypeScript is a superset of JavaScript. In other words, it’s an expanded and enhanced version of JavaScript.

TypeScript vs JavaScript in the course TypeScript: The Complete Developer’s Guide on Zero to Mastery

If you’ve ever felt frustrated with JavaScript’s many shortcomings, TypeScript might be your magic wand. ✨

It’s designed to help you catch errors during the development process as opposed to JavaScript when you’re already running your code.

This leads to increased productivity vs. JavaScript because you’re catching bugs earlier.

Image courtesy of The History Channel

But TypeScript is also useful for structuring large codebases and writing reusable code.

So if you already know JavaScript, you’re at an advantage to learn TypeScript.

(Note: If you don’t know JavaScript yet, you can start by taking Andrei Neagoie’s course The Complete Web Developer Bootcamp.)

But I’ve already read the documentation. Why do I need a TypeScript course by Stephen Grider?

While you can read the documentation, you won’t necessarily learn how or where to apply certain features.

TypeScript: The Complete Developer’s Guide will help you understand features and learn how to use them properly.

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Now let’s check out what Stephen Grider has to offer…

Stephen Grider TypeScript: The Complete Developer’s Guide

Vital Stats

Hours of on-demand video24+
Bonus articles and resources10+
Beginner, intermediate and advanced topics
Exclusive access to ZTM community
Certificate of completion


  • It’s Stephen Grider
  • Full-spectrum TypeScript education from beginner to advanced
  • Build a custom front-end framework from scratch
  • multiple portfolio-ready projects
  • High-demand skill


  • No built-in code editor
  • Videos can get tedious

Who is this course for?

This course is for developers who have some JavaScript experience.

As we mentioned before, you should have a basic understanding of ES6 (JavaScript) before taking TypeScript: The Complete Developer’s Guide.

And maybe you’ve already learned some TypeScript but are having a hard time getting past the fundamentals. By working on real-world projects in this course, you’ll learn how to structure large codebases and become a more efficient developer.

TypeScript: The Complete Developer’s Guide is also useful for structuring React and Redux applications by coupling them with TypeScript.

Stephen Grider Course Layout

TypeScript: The Complete Developer’s Guide is a completely video-based course.

So you’ll watch 24+ hours of videos narrated by Stephen Grider and do all work outside of the browser.

The syllabus is on the left-hand side. It’s separated by lessons and shows the time length of each video. Directly to the right is the video where you’ll watch the lessons.

Learning environment in the Stephen Grider course TypeScript: The Complete Developer’s Guide on Zero to Mastery

If you’re a visual learner, video-based courses are probably the best way to go.

Now in the Stephen Grider course TypeScript: The Complete Developer’s Guide, you’ll learn beginner, intermediate and advanced TypeScript concepts.

So you’ll start by learning what TypeScript is and how it works. Then you’ll learn about type systems, type annotations and mastering type arrays.

After that, you’ll learn about tuples, the interface, and building functionality with classes.

Finally, you’ll dive into advanced concepts like:

  • design patterns
  • reusable code
  • building a Web framework
  • Express and TypeScript integration

And much, much more.

Express and TypeScript integration in the Stephen Grider course TypeScript: The Complete Developer’s Guide on Zero to Mastery

Stephen Grider will teach you how to master design patterns so you can build large applications.

In module 11, he’ll also teach you about the differences between composition and inheritance.

After that, you’ll learn how to write reusable code that’s powered by classes and interfaces.

As you progress, you’ll come to understand individual features of TypeScript and how to apply them.

Then, you’ll learn how to create boilerplate that you can reuse in your TypeScript projects. In module 14, you’ll explore TypeScript integration into React, Redux and Express projects.

Finally in module 15, you’ll build a customized front-end framework from scratch.

You’ll be able to use your new hand-coded framework instead of React or Angular.

Framework structure in the course TypeScript: The Complete Developer’s Guide on Zero to Mastery

Stephen Grider – Projects

In addition to building a front-end framework from scratch, you’ll work on some smaller projects such as:

  1. Make a network request to an outside API, fetch and print data in terminal
  2. Create a web app to randomly generate a company
  3. Sort data structures from least to greatest
  4. Build an application to fetch a list of to-dos using TypeScript, React and Redux
  5. Analyze and report spreadsheet data
  6. Create your first controller
Reusable code project setup in the Stephen Grider course TypeScript: The Complete Developer’s Guide on Zero to Mastery


Zero to Mastery has an active developer community where you’ll find students, teacher’s assistants and instructors on LinkedIn and Discord.

You’ll also exercise your coding chops with ZTM’s open source projects and exciting coding challenges.

In addition, the ZTM newsletter is chock-full of news, job leads and other dev goodies.


You can sign up for TypeScript: The Complete Developer’s Guide for $39 per month or $279 per year ($23/mo).

With this subscription, you’ll get full access to over 18 courses and workshops on the Zero to Mastery platform.

Some of these courses include:

New courses are added regularly by Andrei Neagoie and guest instructors.

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About the Zero to Mastery Platform

Andrei Neagoie headshot creator of The Complete Web Developer in 2020 Zero to Mastery
Andrei Neagoie, founder of Zero to Mastery

Zero to Mastery was created by well-known instructor and Silicon Valley senior software developer Andrei Neagoie. Starting as a self-taught programmer, Andrei has since taught over 400,000 students.

The idea behind the Zero to Mastery platform was to create an affordable space where developers could learn regardless of income level.

Many ZTM graduates have gone on to work at top companies like Google, Tesla, Amazon and Apple.

Since its launch, Andrei has recruited other instructors such as Daniel Bourke, Jacinto Wong and Stephen Grider 🤓 to produce courses.

These courses cover everything from JavaScript to mastering the FAANG interview, SQL to Deno, and ethical hacking.

Courses are updated regularly.

Zero to Mastery landing page

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Stephen Grider TypeScript Course: Conclusion

So is the Stephen Grider course TypeScript: The Complete Developer’s Guide on Zero to Mastery worth it in 2020?

We certainly think so. You’ve got an experienced, working instructor on a platform that caters to self-taught developers.

And the course is packed with TypeScript. You’ll learn a valuable skill that will put you ahead of the programming pack and in front of hiring managers.

So whether you’re a die hard fan of Stephen Grider or Zero to Mastery, or want to go hardcore into learning TypeScript, we think TypeScript: The Complete Developer’s Guide is worth the investment.

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