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What is Pluralsight? Is Pluralsight good for beginners?

TLDR: What is Pluralsight?

🏛️ Pluralsight is an online video-based learning platform.

📀 It features over 7,000 courses for  software developers, IT administrators and creative professionals

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What is Pluralsight?

Pluralsight is a video-based education platform. It features a whopping 7,000+ courses.

The curriculum is geared towards software developers, IT admins, data scientists, and creative professionals.

In addition, thousands of courses cater towards specific programming languages and tech tools.

images of 9 TypeScript courses available on Pluralsight's learning track

Also, many courses focus on a narrow topic for maximum learning.

For example, in the course Building a JavaScript Development Environment, you will do nothing but learn how to set up an efficient environment for building JavaScript projects.

Is Pluralsight Good for Beginners?

Pluralsight offers over 7,000 courses for tech-minded students, including hundreds of courses for beginners.

Beginner web development courses include:

  • Java Language Fundamentals
  • Learning To Program – Part 1: Getting Started
  • Introduction to CSS
  • Introduction to Web Development

While courses for beginner Information & Cybersecurity specialists include:

  • Introduction to Information Security within Cloud Computing
  • Hands-On Incident Response Fundamentals
  • Malware Analysis: The Big Picture

And some data science courses for beginners include:

Because there are so many courses, it’s easy to get lost. However, there are plenty of ways to browse.

Interactive Courses Feature

Best Go courses Code School on track with Golang pluralsight landing page

If you’re bored of videos, there is also a section of interactive courses.

Although, these courses do start out with a short video. But after the video you’re challenged to code along and do assignments using their interactive workspace.


This platform has some very cool projects!

Essentially the projects area is a big list of projects you can try. Everything from .NET, and Java to Node and JavaScript (and many more) are featured here.

Kyle Simpson explaining Closure: loops + block scope in Pluralsight Advanced JavaScript course

These projects are interactive. You can even drop in your code to have the system check it for errors.

What is Pluralsight IQ?

If you’re at a crossroads with your tech journey, try using the Pluralsight IQ tool.

This free tool gives you a skill-specific assessment. Afterward, Pluralsight gives you feedback on your performance and suggests follow-up courses.

For example, there are over 60 Pluralsight IQ assessments under the “Development” category. Pick from topics varying from Angular, to ASP.NET Core, to Vue.

This tool probably isn’t the best for beginners though, since it assesses what you already know about a certain topic.

If you know absolutely nothing about JavaScript, for example, it’s better to just enroll in a beginner’s JavaScript course.

Final Thoughts on Pluralsight

As we noted in our full Pluralsight review, there are a few things that could use some improvements. Because of that, Pluralsight may not be an ideal platform for you.

However, their no-questions-asked free trial can give you a better idea of the platform.

Additionally, Pluralsight’s layout makes it easy to explore your options for a tech career.

For example, you can explore software engineering, IT operations, data science and cybersecurity all on their site. If you don’t like something – just move on to the next thing!