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Advanced JavaScript Concepts: 3 killer courses for 2024

There are literally thousands of courses for new and aspiring software developers. But what about courses for us devs who want to learn intermediate to advanced JavaScript concepts?

Stuff like async/await.



Object Oriented Programming, Scope and Execution Context, ES6, ES7, ES8, ES9, ES10, Asynchronous JavaScript + Event Loop, this keyword, Error Handling, Memory Leak, Type Coersion, Higher Order Functions, .call(), .apply(), .bind(), Garbage Collection...

You know, the good stuff.

The weird stuff.

Finding good learning material for advanced JavaScript concepts is hard.

But they do exist, and today you’ll discover three of them.

Even senior devs coming from another language can benefit from one of these courses.

They are:

  1. Mastering Data Structures and Sorting Algorithms in JavaScript by Lydia Hallie
  2. Advanced JavaScript Concepts by Andrei Neagoie
  3. Advanced JavaScript by Tyler McGinnis

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Mastering Data Structures and Sorting Algorithms in JavaScript by Lydia Hallie

The course

Data structures and sorting algorithms are two critical concepts in programming. But as web developers, we unfortunately aren’t exposed to them as much as, say, Java developers.

That all changes with this course by Lydia Hallie.

Working through an advanced javascript concepts section on the educative learning platform
Learning how to implement stacks in JavaScript.

Published on, Mastering Data Structures and Sorting Algorithms in JavaScript shows you how to employ the most effective data structure in any given scenario.

There are no videos in this course, but rather interactive coding environments built right in the browser.

This means ZERO setup time on your part — you can dive right into the code and run it on the page.

Mastering Data Structures and Sorting Algorithms in JavaScript covers sorting algorithms along with their time complexity using JavaScript. Various data structures include Trees, Graphs, Heaps, Linked lists and many more.

Here’s a video showing you an insider’s view the course.

The instructor

course creator lydia hallie

Lydia Hallie is a software consultant and international speaker specializing in JavaScript, TypeScript, GraphQL, Serverless, AWS, Docker, and Golang.

Also known for her popular GitHub repo javaScript-questions, Lydia’s meshing of traditional computer science theory with JavaScript is a rarity. In addition, she is the author of JavaScript Visualized, a 6-part series that illustrates abstract JavaScript concepts like the event loop and hoisting.

The Twist

As mentioned, you don’t see many courses that fuse software engineering concepts with JavaScript. Mastering Data Structures and Sorting Algorithms in JavaScript is a refreshingly unique course where you’ll have the chance to implement binary search trees, hash tables, graphs, and much more using the primary language of the web.


Mastering Data Structures and Sorting Algorithms in JavaScript costs $29.

However, if you’d like to enroll in more courses on this platform, you can save big by opting for one of their subscription plans.

And with the subscription option, you get unlimited access to all their courses. Whether you need some FAANG coding interview interview prep, need to pass that system design interview or want to go all-in and become a front-end developer, most of the courses are diverse, engaging and unique.

But there are also other JavaScript courses available too.

a collection of various javascript courses on educative
A subscription to opens up access to dozens of other courses, including many JavaScript options.

The annual subscription is worth the upgrade if you want to learn beyond advanced JavaScript concepts.

Final verdict:


  • Unique but relevant topic
  • well-organized information
  • 34 coding playgrounds


  • Big O Notation section doesn’t feature any interactivity

Enroll in Mastering Data Structures and Sorting Algorithms in JavaScript here.

Advanced JavaScript Concepts by Andrei Neagoie

The course

With a title like Advanced JavaScript Concepts, you pretty much know what this course is about. And with nearly 25 hours of on-demand video material, it’s also the most comprehensive on this list.

coding JavaScript in the console inside the course Advanced JavaScript Concepts by andrei neagoie
Building Facebook in the JavaScript console.

While you learn the expected advanced concepts like IIFEs, hoisting, the this keyword and inheritance + prototype chain, Andrei also shows you some extras. For example, you’ll also learn:

  • object-oriented programming (OOP)
  • functional programming
  • memory leaks
  • Interpreter/ Compiler/ JIT Compiler
  • ES6 all the way to ES10
  • garbage collection

Advanced JavaScript Concepts also includes over 30 bonus articles and resources.

The instructor

Andrei Neagoie headshot creator of The Complete Web Developer in 2020 Zero to Mastery
Andrei Neagoie

We’ve talked a lot about Andrei Neagoie on RealToughCandy – and it’s true, I’m a huge fan of his work. A talented software engineer with friendly demeanor, Andrei consistently creates courses that are relevant, engaging and fun.

Originally from Canada, Andrei also spent time as a developer in Silicon Valley and Toronto before creating courses. While he started off his online teaching career publishing courses on Udemy, he’s now upgraded to his own platform, Zero to Mastery Academy.

The Twist

The fringe benefits separate Andrei’s courses from the other platforms. When you invest in an Andrei Neagoie course, you aren’t just buying video lessons.

Aside from his bustling Discord community that serves as a real-time help and support center, he also releases two high-protein monthly newsletters: one for web devs, one for Python devs. In addition, he has a private LinkedIn group to help your chances of landing a job in software.


Advanced JavaScript Concepts isn’t available a la carte; you have the option of either a monthly or yearly subscription plan.

Month-to-month cost is $29.

The yearly cost is $264 which averages $22 per month. With this subscription you get access to his other courses including:

Final verdict:


  • Huge course with nearly 25 hours of on-demand video
  • Dozens of exercises
  • Facebook project


  • no interactive coding environments
  • coding examples given are not real-world

Enroll in Advanced JavaScript Concepts here.

Advanced JavaScript by Tyler McGinnis

The course

Advanced JavaScript is the most meat-and-potatoes course on this list. What do I mean by that? Tyler shows you the CORE of advanced JavaScript concepts with laser-like focus. But even though there are only nine videos (with matching text lessons), they are absolutely PACKED with information.

list of advanced javascript concepts from the advanced javascript course by tyler mcginnis
Learning menu from Advanced JavaScript.

These videos are long. Whereas a lot of popular video-based platforms tend to stick to digestible video runtimes, this course creator isn’t afraid of big numbers. And I mean like 20, 30 and even 40 minutes long.

For example, the JavaScript modules video is over 30 minutes.

The Evolution of Asynch Javascript: from Callbacks, to Promises, to Async/Await is over 45 minutes.

Ironically, the course feels more digestible in this format because the quantity of videos is reduced to only a handful.

Topics covers:

  • Execution environment
  • Scope
  • Closures
  • Hoisting
  • Event Loop
  • Inheritance and the Prototype chain
  • Array methods
  • JavaScript modules

Here’s a look at Advanced JavaScript:

The instructor

tyler mcginnis creator of advanced javascript stands in front of brick wall wearing a blue polo shirt

A front-end developer by trade, Tyler McGinnis also served as director of Dev Mountain.

In 2015 he started creating courses for egghead. Finally in 2017, Tyler started his own platform where he now exclusively caters to JavaScript and React students.

The Twist

Each video lesson is accompanied by a written lesson. On the course welcome page he says:

Because there are people who prefer videos over text (and vice versa), I’ve included both mediums for you that cover the same topic. I suggest watching the video first then reading the text section. By covering the material twice over two different mediums, you’ll master it better.


Advanced JavaScript isn’t available for purchase a la carte; you have the option of either a monthly or yearly subscription plan.

The month-to-month plan costs $25.

The yearly plan costs $195 which averages $16.25 per month. With this subscription you get access to his other JavaScript courses including:

  • React
  • React Hooks
  • Modern JavaScript
  • React Router
  • Redux

Final verdict:


  • Compact course that covers all the essentials
  • Knowledgeable instructor
  • Platform has adjacent courses relevant to JavaScript developers (React, Redux, Modern JavaScript)


  • Student support seems lacking (only option for official help is a private Facebook group)

Enroll in Advanced JavaScript here.


To recap, if you want a no-nonsense course to learn advanced JavaScript concepts, Advanced JavaScript by Tyler McGinnis is the ideal course for you. From tree shaking to stack frames, Tyler isn’t afraid of long videos to show you how this stuff works.

Do you want juicy extras like object-oriented programming (OOP), functional programming and the latest functionality of JS with ES6 through ES10? Choose Advanced JavaScript Concepts by Andrei Neagoie.

Do you want a course where software engineering theory meets the official language of the web? Do you like the hands-on experience of interactive coding environments? Check out Mastering Data Structures and Sorting Algorithms in JavaScript by Lydia Hallie.

No matter what you choose, all three of these courses will show you a new facet of JavaScript that goes well beyond the basics of functions, variables and methods.

And with subscriptions available for all three platforms, you can enjoy this course and many more with either a monthly or deeply-discounted yearly plan.

Still searching? No worries. Check out a few more of our reviews including Andrei’s Zero to Mastery Academy and Educative.


  1. What are some advanced JavaScript concepts?

    Advanced JavaScript concepts include Async/Await, Hoisting, Modules, Object Oriented Programming, Scope and Execution Context, ES6, ES7, ES8, ES9, ES10, Asynchronous JavaScript + Event Loop, this` keyword, Error Handling, Memory Leak, Type Coersion, Higher Order Functions, .call(), .apply(), .bind(), and Garbage Collection.

  2. Is it hard to learn advanced JavaScript?

    If you’re new to programming, you may find JavaScript to be a more difficult language to pickup than, say, Python. JavaScript has a lot of “weird parts” that can get confusing quickly. Fortunately, the JavaScript community is very large and you can find help everywhere from Meetups to Discord groups.