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Why I wrote Real Tough Software

It’s the data that we’re after. The data!” -Tom

So goes the epigraph of my newest book Real Tough Software.

See, Tom was my old boss. He owned a data company and made most of his fortune on proprietary software. Despite not knowing much about the web, he understood that the money had shifted: peoples’ entire lives and livelihoods were now online. So although I was a code newbie assuming the role of a senior developer at Tom’s company, he had trusted that I’d be able to mesh his legacy with the wild, the new, and the open-source.

I write a lot about Tom and his company in my book. I write a lot about coding and freelancing. But Real Tough Software isn’t about Tom. It isn’t even about software, really.

It’s about somebody who refused to take no for answer.

It’s about having faith that things will get better.

It’s about making a life change and finally seeing a win. Sometimes all it takes is just that one win to change everything.

I wrote Real Tough Software as a testimony.

For some people, software development is simply a career choice; it’s a 9-to-5 thing that pays the bills. For me, it saved my life.

This is my 4th book, and it’s my most personal, insightful, and engaging one yet.

It’s a #1 new release on the Amazon charts and as of this writing, it hasn’t even been published yet.

Amazon Hot New Releases with Real Tough Software at number one position
#1 on the charts, and not even released.

This book is for people who are on the fence about entering software as a career. Whether it’s the web, desktop, IoT, the cloud, even game development – this book is for you. I felt a tug towards programming since I was a teen, but was convinced for years it wasn’t for me.

It was boring.

It wasn’t a good culture fit.

It was uncreative.

How wrong I was about all of that.

This book is for career changers. It’s for people who’ve had more jobs than birthdays. It’s for people who’ve felt hopeless, helpless, and future-less. I’ve been all of those things. But as you’ll read in Real Tough Software, nothing has to be permanent.

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