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Team Treehouse Python Techdegree FULL REVIEW (2022)

Team Treehouse Python Techdegree Review

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TLDR: Team Treehouse Python Techdegree Review 2022

📹 Treehouse is an online video-based coding platform for beginners.

🥾 The Python Techdegree is similar to a coding bootcamp.

🐍 The Python Techdegree uses a combination of courses, workshops, quizzes and projects.

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What is Team Treehouse?

Team Treehouse, or just Treehouse, is one of the many online coding platforms.

It’s similar in structure to:

And many more.

But Treehouse focuses exclusively on web development and web design, which can’t be said for all other platforms.

In addition, it’s geared towards beginners.

Treehouse is video-based. However, it does have interactive lessons and projects you can work on.

They offer courses, skill tracks and Techdegrees.

But today, we’re just going to review the Treehouse Python Techdegree.

What do you think of Treehouse?

Now last year, we didn’t have the greatest things to say about Treehouse. Instead of focusing on the positive, we chose to focus on the the negative things programmers had to say.

But we noticed that the biggest complaint was that people who already knew how to program were already ahead of Treehouse’s offerings.

RTC Twitter poll on Treehouse

Therefore, this video-based platform is ideal for absolute beginners ready to learn programming.

What is a Treehouse Techdegree?

A Treehouse Techdegree is similar to a bootcamp. But it’s only a fraction of the cost, which makes it ideal for aspiring programmers on a budget.

Instead of spending thousands upon thousands of dollars on a coding bootcamp, you can learn similar material for a few hundred to a couple thousand bucks.

Also, it uses a combination of multiple courses, workshops, quizzes and projects to reinforce concepts and help you master a specific discipline.

And if you don’t know which one to take, there’s a quiz to assess which Treehouse Techdegree is right for you.

And if you don’t like the Python Techdegree, you can switch to one of the other Techdegrees they offer:

  1. UX Design
  2. PHP Development
  3. Full Stack JavaScript
  4. Front End Web Development
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What’s in the Team Treehouse Python Techdegree?

Well, let’s take a peek inside Team Treehouse Python Techdegree and find out.

Treehouse Python Development Techdegree

Here you’ll learn about the fundamentals of Python.

In addition, you’ll learn how to:

  • build websites
  • build web applications
  • run data analytics

And beyond.

You’ll build 5 real-world projects in the Treehouse Python Development Techdegree.

Project instructions on the Team Treehouse Python Development Techdegree Python Development

The projects in the Treehouse Python Development Techdegree include:

1. Number Guessing Game – write a program to create a fun game

2. Basketball Stats Tool – clean up data and organize players into teams

3. Phrase Hunters – create a word guessing game using Python and object-oriented programming (OOP)

4. A Store Inventory – build a console app that loads inventory data from a CSV file into a SQLite database

5. Build a Learning Journal with Flask – use HTML, CSS and Flask to build a web application which allows users to create and edit journal entries

In addition, you’ll work on a series of interactive quizzes and code challenges to reinforce concepts.

Python workshop in the Team Treehouse Python Techdegree Python Development

Also, you’ll be able to give and receive feedback with in-depth code reviews with peers.

The Treehouse Python Development Techdegree is separated into 5 units.

Units are built around the projects you’ll be working on throughout the Techdegree.

Each unit is a unique blend of courses, instructions, workshops and projects.

Example of contents of a unit in the Team Treehouse Python Techdegree Python Development

Finally, there’s a final exam for the Treehouse Python Development Techdegree.

The final exam for the Python Development Techdegree contains 31 quiz questions.

And it takes about an hour to complete.

🔥 Geena’s Hot Take

I don’t know about you, but I’m a Frugal Fanny. I want to get the most bang for my buck.

📈 Actual coding bootcamps are risky:

💸 They’re expensive.

🏃‍♀️ They move incredibly fast.

👷 And there’s usually no job placement guarantee.

Treehouse Techdegrees may be the way to go for developers on a budget.

You’ll get practically the same education for a fraction of the cost.

Most importantly, you can move at your own pace.

Is there a Treehouse Techdegree Certificate?

Yes, there is certificate for every completed Treehouse Techdegree.

Is my Treehouse Python Techdegree accredited?

Treehouse Techdegrees are not accredited.

But the certification is nice to have. And it’s an accomplishment to be proud of.

In addition, that Certificate looks good hanging up on full display.

Above all, you’ll build a portfolio-ready project for each Treehouse Techdegree. So you’ll have something to show for your hard work.

Is my Team Treehouse Python Techdegree graded?

Actually yes, Treehouse Techdegrees include a grading system for projects.

So to get a passing grade you need to submit a project to get a passing grade.

There’s a 3-tier grading system for Treehouse Techdegrees:

🚫 Needs Improvement

👍 Meets Expectations

✅ Exceeds Expectations

And you’ll be graded by things like detail page, routing, Python coding style, and more.

Are there projects in the Treehouse Techdegrees?

Yes, there are projects in the Treehouse Techdegrees. Depending on which Techdegree you choose, there are 5-10 projects.

For example, as noted earlier, the Python Techdegree features five projects.

Example instructions and lines of code for project in team treehouse python techdegree

Stats for the other Techdegrees:

  1. UX Design: 10 projects
  2. PHP Development: 8 projects
  3. Full Stack JavaScript: 10 projects
  4. Front End Web Development: 9 projects

👍 Sign up for your 7-day free trial of the Treehouse Techdegree here.

Is there a Treehouse Techdegree final exam?

Yes, there is a final exam for all Treehouse Techdegrees.

For the Python Development Techdegree, the final exam contains 31 questions and takes about an hour to complete.

How long does it take to complete a Team Treehouse Python Techdegree?

Treehouse Techdegrees typically take 6 to 12 months to complete. Specifically, the Python Development Techdegree takes anywhere from 2-5 months.

The other Techdegrees vary:

  1. UX Design: 3-8 months
  2. PHP Development: 3-12 months
  3. Full Stack JavaScript: 3-9 months
  4. Front End Web Development: 3-9 months

But you move at your own pace. So this all depends on how much time you dedicate to completing the Techdegree.

Can I switch Treehouse Techdegrees?

Yes, you can switch Treehouse Techdegrees whenever you’d like. If you’re not happy with Python, simply go into your subscription settings and click on “Change Techdegree.”

treehouse review techdegree features and pricing

Treehouse Pricing: Techdegrees

It costs $199 per month for a Treehouse Python Techdegree.

But you can sign up for a 7-day free trial to decide if Treehouse is right for you.

👍 Sign up for your 7-day free trial of Treehouse here.

Are there any Treehouse alternatives?

Yes, there are plenty of Treehouse alternatives.

Also, you can read our full reviews of some of them below:

And many more.

Team Treehouse Python Techdegree Review: Conclusion

So is the Team Treehouse Python Techdegree worth it?

If you like bootcamp-style learning, Python Development might be a good fit for you.

It uses use a combination of courses, workshops, and quizzes to reinforce concepts.

In addition, you’ll build 5 real-world projects throughout the Techdegree.

Also, you’ll take an hour-long final exam.

Finally, you’ll get a Certificate at the completion of the Techdegree.

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  1. Is the Team Treehouse Python Techdegree worth it?

    If you’re looking for coding bootcamp-style learning for a fraction of the cost, we think the Team Treehouse Python Techdegree is worth it. While you can learn at your own pace, the Techdegree is jam-packed with videos, workshops, workspace and quizzes to help you learn a specific discipline.

  2. Are Treehouse Techdegrees similar to coding bootcamps?

    Yes, Treehouse Techdegrees are similar to coding bootcamps. But a Treehouse Techdegree starts at $199/month. And you move at your own pace. So instead of spending thousands upon thousands of dollars, you can get a Techdegree for a couple hundred to a couple thousand dollars.

  3. Is Team Treehouse for beginners?

    Team Treehouse is for beginners who have little to no experience with programming. Using videos, the courses move slowly and reinforce concepts with workspaces and quizzes. So if you’re an intermediate or advanced learner, Treehouse probably isn’t for you.